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Meal ideas for 3 yr old and 8 month old?

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Charlander Thu 10-May-18 21:06:29

Looking for inspiration for meals I can cook my 3 year old but that are also suitable for my 8 month old who is still on a mix of purees and baby led weaning?

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Blue2017 Thu 10-May-18 21:08:11

Following with interest if that's okay xx

isthistoonosy Thu 10-May-18 21:34:20

I stuck to pretty normal meals when mine were little, boiled veg, potatoes, pasta, bread/toast, fruit, fish, 'easy' meat like meat balls, burgers, slow cooked stewed meat rice cakes are all good finger foods, for both ages and I added things like beans, rice, sauces etc to encourage a bit of practice with a spoon and different tastes.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 10-May-18 23:05:25

Fishcakes. Mix things up a bit by using different fish, sweet or normal spuds and different veg ( it’s amazing what you can get away with (carrots, swede, squash, leaks, peas, sweetcorn)
I do similar with oven baked falafel (chickpeas and different veg. ) Serve with veg sticks and pita

kateandme Fri 11-May-18 14:54:28

try to stick to versions of your own.and then guide it to the ages.and also now what your 3 year old finds interesting.e
encourage the little one to choose recipes from boks etc and then even cook with him.little wraps.even amking his own sandwhiches etc.
as you cook ask him to taste it.get him really in there and interested.its a vital but lovely time for this age of your get them stuck into loving food.
let your weaning one pick and choose the bits they can or want to.offer them bits of your plate.
ask the 3 year old what big kkids meal you should cook for you all."but we must remember the weanin dc has to be able to have it too so lets be clever"
fishcakes.veggie stews.
cheese potato broccoli bake.
cheese and bacon pasta
pasta bakes.
sausages and Yorkshire puddings.
sausage and bean pot.
frozen veggie sweetcorn rice dishes
tomato rcie on pots.
finger food buts with little moments of using knife fork and spoon when they can.
ask the 3 year old to serve mummy and little one.just gets them used to portioning and using implement.
soup and bagels.
baked fish
another fun dish for 3 year old is fish putting a nest of noodles a few slices pf perppers and spring onions and then fish fillet on top.wrap in foil and bake
mac and cheese made healthier by layer of fish on bottom of dish
oven traybake of sweet potatos,peppers.tomatos,onions garlic
chicken and pearl barley stew.
cheese on toast
pastry slices get yourself a pack of ready rolld pastry then top with anything your kids like.

Charlander Fri 11-May-18 16:39:55

Fabulous!thank you all- I'm feeling inspired x

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Icklepickle101 Sun 13-May-18 09:18:14

Cauliflower cheese
Noodles, veg and honey and ketchup sauce
Fishcakes and rice
Pitta pizzas

NannyR Sun 13-May-18 09:23:41

Really simple chicken curry goes down well with the children I look after (4,2,10 months) - fry onions and strips of chicken breast, then add a spoonful of mild curry paste and fry for a couple of minutes, add some water and simmer for ten minutes then stir in a big spoon of yoghurt before serving. Not authentic, but they seem to like it!

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