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What are your favourite things to eat at a bbq party?

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bassackwards Tue 08-May-18 08:30:40

If you were attending a BBQ party in someone's garden, what food would you want to eat? I'm looking for ideas for things to grill as well as side salads, nibbles and desserts.

Please tell me your favourites!

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mummyhaschangedhername Tue 08-May-18 08:47:01

I host a few BBQs a year, scones with clotted cream and jam go down really really well, I always have to top up. BBQ chicken legs too, although I do them in the oven and throw them on the bbq once cooked.
Strawberries are popular too, new potatoes, and chopped up veg with dips. I usually get a few subway platters as well which is popular ... I always always over cater, plenty for the next day lol.

Icklepickle101 Tue 08-May-18 09:16:42

BBQ are my favourite meal of the year, would be my last meal on death row!

Fruity cous cous
Jacket potato
Pear, Parmesan & rocket salad (Tesco recipe)
Vine tomatoes
Cooked mushroom and onion
Corn on the cob

Marinated chicken thighs on kebab sticks
Maybe some fish
Halloumi and veg kebabs

Crusty bread
Burger/hot dog rolls

Fruit salad and cheesecake for pud

bassackwards Tue 08-May-18 10:33:44

These are great suggestions. Making me hungry!

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myrtleWilson Tue 08-May-18 10:38:44

We've had several bbqs over the bank holiday weekend and have cooked ribs (in the smoker rather than bbq) spatchcocked chicken (smoker) steaks (all meat had spice rubs applied and the chicken was also dry brined). Sides included amazing bbq potatoes, chilli butter corn and asparagus. Plus homemade slaw and a non mayo potato salad (with shallots, gherkins, dill etc) it was an awesome weekend! grin

lastqueenofscotland Tue 08-May-18 11:57:41

Proper potato salad

bassackwards Tue 08-May-18 12:19:55

Myrtle you have very lucky friends.

And hell yes to halloumi

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AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 08-May-18 16:04:46

We did tuna steaks on the bbq yesterday, served with a lemon, garlic a bulgar wheat salad. It was the business although would get pricy if you have a lot of guests.
Chicken breast chopped into chunks and marinated in a mix of yoghurt, tieka paste and mango chutney then skewered is another favourite.
I also like to make flatbreads and finish them on the bbq.
Big trays of crudités and dips (personal favourite beetroot and horseradish)
Then keep it simple
Simple tomato and basil salad with plenty of sea salt, balsamic and black pepper.
Griddled courgettes
Proper homemade coleslaw
Sausages always seem a fairly safe bet if you will have kids

Oogle Tue 08-May-18 16:19:08

Rump steak cooked then sliced into strips. Squeeze over lime juice, salt and pepper. Delicious.

Bruschetta always goes down well

I like:
Burger with gherkins, salad, burger sauce, brioche bun
Vegetable kebabs (peppers, mushrooms, shallots, cubes of halloumi)
Shoulder of lamb
Beef tomatoes sliced and served with thinly sliced onion and olive oil
Thai salad
Corn on the cob
Baby potatoes tossed in loads of butter and garlic
Boerewors (this is always the surprise winner of the day!)
Antipasti board - sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, proscuitto, grilled artichokes

I'm not into puddings in summer but we served a Tesco strawberry tart yesterday and that went down a storm. Everyone raved about it. If I'm going to have anything, I prefer just strawberries and cream with some chocolate shavings.

I've told DH I want tuna nicoise tonight, but now I'm craving a burger and the rest of the boerewors. grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheW1neGoes Tue 08-May-18 16:20:10

Middle Eastern salads (Greek salad, tabbouleh etc - no fruit in them for me though, strictly savoury, lots of fresh herbs and lemon). Crusty bread or flatbreads, crudites, homemade dips (houmus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, herb dips etc). Olives. Lamb kebabs, marinated chicken and sausages. Halloumi and veg on skewers.

Light sweets - fruit, meringues, ice cream etc.

quince2figs Tue 08-May-18 17:50:24

Making me hungry!
Love all of the above, esp smoked meats.
Shoulder of lamb slow grilled for hours, with home- made silky houmous, pickles, salad and flatbreads (posh kebab!)

I will be making an effort to do more veg/fish, as dd now doesn’t eat meat, and I didn’t for years when younger:
salmon with spice rub on barbecue with avocado salad
definitely halloumi and veg skewers
Large flat mushrooms on grill, with chilli, lime and Boursin, as a lovely non-meat burger
fresh fruit platter
Easy for a crowd is Eton Mess made up in advance in small glasses. I tend to use meringues, any berries, and Greek yogurt as find cream too rich. Little mint leaf and a berry on top and keep in fridge from morning.
Barbecued pineapple wedges with mint and lime zest sugar

PalePinkSwan Tue 08-May-18 18:41:44

Vegetable kebabs - mushrooms, peppers, baby corn, red onion

Corn on the cob with a spicy tomato rub

Portobello mushrooms with cream cheese, garlic, maybe spinach, breadcrumbs.

mildshock Tue 08-May-18 20:55:00

Chicken thighs (mango & lime marinade is delicious)
Pork belly
Minty lamb skewers

Corn on the cob
Potato skins with whatever fillings you fancy
Asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto, with lemon juice, olive oil, and thyme sprinkled over
Lots of salad, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, pomegranate
Crusty tiger baguettes
Brioche rolls
Grilled pineapple is really tasty too

Lots of fresh fruit, cream and meringue - let people pick and mix their own Eton mess
Apple or rhubarb crumble
Jelly and ice cream

CrazyCatMamma Tue 08-May-18 20:57:07

Waffle cone smores. Amazing!

RomaineCalm Tue 08-May-18 21:09:34

If people are likely to be sitting round a table to eat I often do a big board of cheese and fruit for dessert. A big brie and a big piece of good cheddar rather than lots of little bits of cheese. Add grapes, raspberries, strawberries, peach quarters and let people pick!

bassackwards Tue 08-May-18 21:11:14

These are all brilliant. You lot are very gourmet!

CrazyCat, do you mean something like this??

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Frouby Tue 08-May-18 21:25:52

I always do an antipasta board. Can be very cheap from aldi and lidl.

I do a big bowl of Doritos for the dcs with dips. The grown ups usually scoff some too.

Meat is usually chicken drumsticks and wings, some ribs, burgers and sausages. With chops and chicken breasts for later on.

I used to do a big bowl of chopped salad but find crudites and dips get eaten as they are easier to eat than a salad on a plate in your hand.

Pudding is ice creams for the dcs and usually Baileys for grown ups. I also do corn on the cob, might make a potato salad and might chuck some garlic bread in the oven. Bread sticks, hummus, colslaw and extra olives always around too.

halfwitpicker Tue 08-May-18 21:28:02

Chicken skewers
Big green salad
Corn on the cob
Baguette or garlic bread
Jacket potatoes

Brownies and ice-cream for pud

Loads of sangria and soft drinks

Plenty of napkins and throwaway plates

halfwitpicker Tue 08-May-18 21:30:04

What's that salted Argentinian beef dish? Really good on a bbq

CrazyCatMamma Tue 08-May-18 21:46:40

Yes, so good with a dollop of ice cream

BetterEatCheese Tue 08-May-18 21:57:44

Fish cooked in foil with citrus fruits - Trout is delicious like this

octoberdays Mon 27-Aug-18 23:42:32

Hmm, yum - just bookmarking!

Isentthesignal Tue 28-Aug-18 14:02:43

Meat with a homemade chimichurri sauce, plenty of salads, roast baby potatoes and good quality bread.

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