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Costco celebration cake - chocolate

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ForgotwhatIcameinherefor Tue 08-May-18 01:23:01

Has anyone tried the chocolate sheet cake? Or should I override DD’s request and get the plain sponge?
Thanks in advance x

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ForgotwhatIcameinherefor Tue 08-May-18 08:05:56


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DrScully Tue 08-May-18 08:10:52

It’s amazing. Especially with cream

ForgotwhatIcameinherefor Tue 08-May-18 21:26:39

Thanks DrScullysmile

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Tinlegs Tue 08-May-18 21:35:18

Warning. Their cakes never decay, presumably due to them being made of stitched together E numbers. We had one at work which was still "fresh" two weeks later.

kateandme Wed 09-May-18 12:52:58

tried the carrot and the round chocolate one and they are beyond fantastic.
and yay to the e numbers its a celebration.its a yummy cake who cares as ong as it tastes and makes you feel goooood

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