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myrtleWilson Mon 07-May-18 20:08:20

am in need of pastry advice as am very much a novice... I'm thinking of making an asparagus/blue cheese tart tomorrow... but I have a meeting all afternoon - it tends to over run so am not assuming I'll be home before 7. If I make the pastry in the morning can I leave it the fridge all day pre blind baking or am I better off blind baking and then leaving in the fridge.. either way - any tips on how long/if necessary to bring up to warm temp before cooking....

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Blondie1984 Mon 07-May-18 22:24:38

Make the pastry in the morning, line your tin and then blind bake when you get in from work - remember to leave a bit of an overhang over the edges as the pastry will shrink during cooking - you can trim any extra bits off afterwards
I would probably give it about 30mins out the fridge before putting it in the oven

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