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Delicious sauce for meatballs?

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DoubleLottchen Sun 06-May-18 17:49:33

We are having turkey meatballs tonight (currently defrosting).

Slight crossed wires when discussing what we were having, I thought the meatballs were already seasoned with herbs etc, but turns out they are completely plain, just turkey mince rolled into a ball, so I would like to do a sauce with them.

All local shops are closed, but I do have store-cupboard dried herbs, spices, garlic etc, also have some creme fraiche in the fridge, and a few mushrooms and tomatoes. And some cooked beetroot.

We were going to have them with mash and peas, but rice is also an option.

Can anyone suggest a sauce that can rescue us from blandness??

Would prefer not to do a tomato sauce,

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HemanOrSheRa Sun 06-May-18 17:54:34

How about a stroganoff type sauce using the mushrooms and creme fraiche and serve with rice?

DoubleLottchen Sun 06-May-18 19:40:15

I made a stroganoff style sauce, and it was a bit of a triumph! DC have requested to have it again next week.
Thank you for a great idea.

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HemanOrSheRa Mon 07-May-18 19:03:35

Yay! Glad you enjoyed it smile

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