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How do I make lollies that are edible?

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ThePencil Sat 05-May-18 19:51:31

With the warm weather this weekend, I thought I'd make lollies for the DCs. So I made up some squash, poured it into lolly moulds, and stuck it in the freezer.

The result is lollies that are rock hard and which taste really weak.

How do I make them so that the texture is softer and the taste is better?

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formerbabe Sat 05-May-18 20:00:33

Make them with water.

FunnyBird Sat 05-May-18 20:02:18

Much stronger than normal squash. Maybe 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water, instead of 1 to 5 or 6.

FrogCow Sat 05-May-18 20:04:39

I mush up soft fruit like raspberries and mix into yoghurt and freeze in moulds.

Janek Sat 05-May-18 20:10:27

Memories of childhood lollies made of squash put me off ever using squash for lollies - you suck out the squash just leaving a tasteless ice cube! I always use fruit juice for my dc, which seems to work. I have also tried smoothie, but that froze far too cold imo. Yoghurt might be nice, but might also be too cold.

BabyBed Sat 05-May-18 20:13:22

What FunnyBird said. Have you ever tasted melted lollies? Truly gross sticky sickly bleugh. You need to make that and freeze it. Frozen things have less taste so you have to ramp up the intensity. Frozen smushed banana works quite well as it's quite strong anyway.

eurochick Sat 05-May-18 20:21:46

Smoothies work well.

Torvi Sat 05-May-18 21:58:01

We use the fruit pouches like Ella's. Mango ones are a huge hit at our house.

AndhowcouldIeverrefuse Sun 06-May-18 06:01:26

babybed is spot on. With the cold you lose taste so you have to make any mixes stronger than you would eat/ drink at room temperature. We normally use thick blackcurrant or redcurrant juice (Summer gluts) with as little sugar as possible.

Love the idea upthread of mixing yoghurt and berries - in fact I am going to try to right now and do something productive with my insomnia time!

ThePencil Sun 06-May-18 07:44:16

Excellent ideas, thanks! I'll try undiluted squash, and also berries and yogurt!

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kateandme Sun 06-May-18 13:26:05

weve done milkshakes too which are really good.
yoghurt with digestive biscuit chunks stired through.
yoghurt and mascarpone with toffe sauce swirled through
frozen nesquik
if we do squash we do Ribena and its mostly concentrate!
when the tubs are on offer we even buy let it sit out pour into lollie moulds,great cheat.
orange or apple juice

ThePencil Sun 06-May-18 17:00:24

Thanks, @kateandme . I think we have milkshake powder, so I'll try that.

Yogurt & berry version are currently in the freezer.

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Ohyesiam Sun 06-May-18 17:03:01

I used to buy innocent smoothies when they were on offer in js and fill a freezer drawer with lollies.

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 06-May-18 17:10:16

Make frozen banana lollies. Cut the banana in half and stick a lolly stick in the flat end. Dip in melted chocolate and other toppings of your choice such as hundreds and thousands then freeze. Used to love these as a kid and loved making them as well.

Baileystruffle Sun 06-May-18 17:11:46

I made some earlier using orange and mango juice. Kids love them

kateandme Mon 07-May-18 14:23:07

thepencil good good let us know.

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 07-May-18 14:25:13

Angel delight makes great lollies

ThePencil Tue 08-May-18 19:27:32

Oh, Angel Delight lollies sounds nice! And the banana thing!

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ThePencil Tue 08-May-18 19:29:40

The yogurt and berry lollies were a good consistency, but a bit bitter or something. I really liked them, but they'd need more sweetness for the DCs, I think. Might try again with strawberries (I'd used blackberries, raspberries and black currants; the black currants probably made it a bit sour).

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