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Cake recipe without eggs, dairy, soya and coconut

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INeedNewShoes Thu 03-May-18 13:55:47

DD turns 1 on Saturday and I want to make a cake that we can both eat. Between us we are allergic to nuts, pulses, soya, dairy, egg and coconut angry

Can anyone recommend a straightforward cake recipe that avoids that list of allergens?

The recipes I've found online with good reviews use coconut or soya milk both of which I can't have. I use oatly for dairy allergic DD; can I substitute that?

Any pointers gratefully received!

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mamado Thu 03-May-18 13:59:34

hello. I have loads on my blog which are all free from the above. was there a particular type of cake you were hoping to make?

pastabest Thu 03-May-18 14:02:53

You can use which ever milk suits you best it won't make a difference to the recipe.

It's the eggs that are the tricky one, have you tried aquafaba?

INeedNewShoes Thu 03-May-18 14:03:28

Thanks for posting mamado

I will look at your blog this afternoon.

I'm hoping for a plain sponge cake, vanilla or similar or perhaps an apple cake because that would need icing less and perhaps be more 1- year old friendly with less refined sugar?

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DandelionAndBedrock Thu 03-May-18 14:10:47

I have used milk allergy mom for good free-from recipes. This one worked well for a birthday cake - the process is a bit like making play dough but stick with it, I was very pleasantly surprised.

mamado Thu 03-May-18 14:15:35

something like a marble cake doesn't need icing x

mamado Thu 03-May-18 14:16:07

btw if you're avoiding pulses don't use aquafaba!

justanotheruser18 Thu 03-May-18 14:17:39

@mamado your marvel cake recipe looks AMAZInG.

CMOTDibbler Thu 03-May-18 14:20:57

Have a look on Pintrest for Wacky or Depression cake - no dairy, eggs, coconut and as long as you use sunflower oil it has no soya either. I've been really pleased with how they turn out, and I use gluten free flour as well

mamado Thu 03-May-18 14:29:19

@justanotheruser18 thank you! there are over 600 recipes all of which should fit your requirements (other than some with aquafaba or soya). If you think of a particular recipe you'd like i should be able to find a safe version!!

foobio Thu 03-May-18 15:56:20 is delicious! Use whatever milk substitute you usually use.

INeedNewShoes Thu 03-May-18 18:59:58

Thank you so much everyone for links and suggestions.

Is it important to use sunflower for the oil or would a very light olive oil be ok?

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CMOTDibbler Thu 03-May-18 19:46:27

If I was doing a plain vanilla, olive oil might be tasteable I think. Veg oil (check the label obviously but is often just rapeseed oil) or anything very bland is best

FartnissEverbeans Mon 07-May-18 19:44:48

I really recommend Bob's Red Mill egg replacer. It's just tapioca flour so nothing weird. I bake with it all the time and it works a treat!

karmakameleon Mon 07-May-18 20:19:20

This one uses olive oil.

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