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A good veg curry

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Grassyass Tue 01-May-18 12:17:25

I'd like to make a lentil curry as a main and a veg one maybe as a side dish?
I'm rubbish at proper curry and I don't want to use jars of sauce. Can anyone please give me a decent curry recipe that I can make either veggie or with meat? I have a well stocked spice cupboard and we all like a bit of heat in a curry.

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LRB2017 Tue 01-May-18 12:19:43

Love his one....

flamingnoravera Wed 02-May-18 20:51:59

This my fave and very easy dal recipe, at least it's not mine it's Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe but it never fails:

Grassyass Wed 02-May-18 21:05:04

I like the look of that dhal, good website too.

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Cumberlover76 Wed 02-May-18 21:10:10

I love this Cauliflower, Pea and Paneer also this Keralan Curry is from Jamie's 15 minute book and although generally takes a little longer it's very good.

DrWhy Wed 02-May-18 21:10:46

I’m place marking as I’d love some good veggie curry recipes, I’ve tried a couple of saag paneer ones that haven’t been much cop. I have a mild masala curry paste recipe that isn’t terribly exciting - I do it with chopped spinach, chickpeas and butternut squash.

Cumberlover76 Wed 02-May-18 21:13:58

For the paste in the first one, I make up a big batch of Jamie's curry pastes and freeze what I don't use in ice cube trays for extra speedy curry next time.

flamingnoravera Wed 02-May-18 21:14:43

Everything I have ever made from Sanjeev Kapoor is fab. I have his book Mastering Indian Cookery, it is very well used.

His recipe for cauliflower and potato pilau is delicious if you want a rice and veg dish to accompany a spicier dish.

GuiltyFeminist Wed 02-May-18 21:23:00

I always do this one, it makes loads, is really tasty and easy too

UrbaneSprawl Wed 02-May-18 22:52:52

I tend to do a (relatively mild) squash or pumpkin curry made with coconut milk. Fry off onion with spices, ginger, diced chilli, add chunks of squash, bung in a tin of coconut milk and simmer. Possibly my only credible vegan recipe. Put some baby spinach in the top right at the end and let it wilt before stirring in. Garnish with some flakes almonds.

TheIsland Wed 02-May-18 22:56:22

The Jamie Oliver sweet potato one. It’s incredible.

Grassyass Thu 03-May-18 21:55:04

Loads of great ideas thanks.

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flamingnoravera Thu 03-May-18 23:59:42

Tonight I made a wonderful potato and green bean curry. You need asafoetida and anchor powders as well as the usual cumin and coriander. If you can't get amchoor lemon juice works. (Amchoor is dried mango powder)

Potatoes- a few medium sized, I used 3. Perked and cubed.
Half a pack of Green beans (not runner beans) eg French or fine beans, trimmed and cut in half.
A tomato skinned and chopped (or just chopped if you don't want to skin it)
Sunflower oil.
Fresh ginger grated- about a teaspoonful.
A fresh chilli or some chilli powder to your taste.
Heat then add half teaspoon of mustard seeds and quarter tabsp asafoetida and a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Let them sizzle for a moment.
Add potatoes, diced into 1 inch or so cubes, fry in the flavoured oil for a few mins on high heat and when they start to cook, throw in the washed green beans.
Add a teaspoon of ground coriander (grind the seeds fresh) and a pinch of salt and a good sized chopped tomato (skinned)- I used a single tinned tomato. Stir well, on high heat for a minute or so.
Reduce the heat and cover and cook for five or so minutes until the potato is softening then add a teaspoon of Garam Masala and when the potato is cooked through a teaspoon of amchoor powder (you could use lemon juice) mix well and let it rest for five minutes then stir again and taste and adjust salt and amchoor.
Serve with chopped fresh coriander and dal with rice. But I didn't bother with the rice- just dal and Aloo Sabji (potato and vegetable)

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