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Batch cooking?

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banannabreadforme Sat 28-Apr-18 15:32:29

Hi ladies
Do you batch cook? What do you cook? Does it last long? How do you store it?
Thank you

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Grasslands Sat 28-Apr-18 15:36:43

I batch cook; soup, pasta sauce, chilli, a particular chicken dish, and lots more. I freeze them in portion size for 2 adults.

Babbaganoush Sat 28-Apr-18 15:56:09

We batch cook a lot. Staples in our house are:

Spanish chicken
Chicken/Beef Stews
Pasta sauce
Cottage pie

I find the vast majority of meals freeze really well. We use the plastic takeaway tubs and usually freeze 2 portions together.

Grasslands Sat 28-Apr-18 16:20:57

Forgot to mention jams and jellies. I use to do cookies and muffins as well, but dh almost prefers them in the frozen state...

Ricekrispie22 Sat 28-Apr-18 17:30:09

I do a batch of mini quiches and store them in Tupperware. I can then just pull out however many I need and they're great to have as a back up if I'm out of things to put in lunchboxes. Same for cheese scones.

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