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Wrap Recipies

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frenchfancy Sat 28-Apr-18 12:11:27

Does anyone have any recipies for homemade wraps (the bread bit)? I have made them a couple of times before with not much sucess. We make all our own bread, but end up buying packs of wraps.

Also any filling ideas would be great.

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Eatmycheese Sat 28-Apr-18 12:14:41

No recipe but these are lovely fillings

Spinach, red onion carrot ribbons and hummus

Cold chicken tikka pieces, shredded cabbage, white onion, red pepper mixed with natural yoghurt, pwpper, a day of hot chilli sauce and lime sequeezed in

frenchfancy Sun 29-Apr-18 14:54:41

Thanks eatmycheese I will definitely try the chicken tikka one. I just need to get the wraps sorted. They are so expensive here (2€ for a pack of 6) compared to the price of making them.

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TERFragetteCity Sun 29-Apr-18 15:08:39

Have you tried the you tube recipes?

SasBel Sun 29-Apr-18 15:10:57

River cottage recipes work for me (not the first time, that had the fire alarm going off)

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