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lastqueenofscotland Fri 27-Apr-18 14:47:35

Who’s done theirs?
Tonight: bread/dips/olives/falafel etc I think.
Tomorrow: out with my sister
Sunday: mange tout, mushroom and tofu stir fry with wholewheat noodles
Monday: cauliflower and chickpea curry
Tuesday: bean burgers, home made wedges and veg.
Wednesday: lentil and mushroom Bolognese
Thursday: I won’t be home till 9/10 at night so toast/pitta and hummus sort of thing
Friday: puy lentils with garlic and chilli mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli and goats cheese

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DeliveredByKiki Thu 03-May-18 08:00:38

Tonight: kimchi fried tofu and rice
Tomorrow: squash soup
Friday: roasted cauliflower and sprouts with quinoa and lemon tahini dressing
Saturday: pizza
Sunday: falafel, houmous, pita, dolmades, salad
Monday: Thai green curry with tofu

lastqueenofscotland Fri 04-May-18 12:24:56

Mine this week is
The puy lentil salad mentioned above
Tomorrow is left over lentil Bolognese
Sunday I’m at a friends
Monday: sundried tomato, olive and feta salad
Tuesday: trying to make a lentil and red pepper dip to have with naice bread
Wednesday: god knows I’m at an event so I dread to think
Thursday: veg and roast chickpea fajitas

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