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Child-friendly cake recipes (little individual cakes)?

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PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 27-Apr-18 13:18:09

Next Friday, school's having a cake sale and they're asking all the children to bake. We don't have room in the freezer for a big cake, we're baking this weekend as we don't have time otherwise, so we want to do little individual cakes.

Do any of you lovely people have any tasty recipes, please?

TIA. 😆

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PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 27-Apr-18 14:02:31

Bumping hopefully. 😆

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NoTNoShade Fri 27-Apr-18 14:10:50

You will need to make something that will last if the cake sale is not till Friday. Maybe flapjacks.

Whatever you make, put a smartie on the top. That is literally the only thing that matters. grin

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 27-Apr-18 14:21:06

I was hoping for freezable recipes, but yes, smartie-topped flapjacks may be the answer! 😂

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Mrsmadevans Fri 27-Apr-18 15:30:58

Ohhh I will have to think about this m'dear Perfect .
Apart from the usual fairy cakes and scones I can't think don't do a lot of baking anymore hence the frozen dumplings grin.
Can you get some of those cake toppers like Batman or Paw patrol they may be an idea smile

Blondie1984 Fri 27-Apr-18 16:51:49

How about doing cookies? Smartie cookies always go down well and freeze well. You could do Rolo brownies

Ricekrispie22 Fri 27-Apr-18 17:37:15

These can be frozen un-iced

FridgeCut Fri 27-Apr-18 17:51:24

Bakewell slices, you could slice them and then stick them in the freezer? I use pre-bought pastry but easy to knock up.

Cuppaand2biscuits Fri 27-Apr-18 18:00:11

Cookie dough freezes really well then bake closer to the day or cheat by buying ready made dough from supermarket!

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 27-Apr-18 20:49:59

Loads of great ideas! Thanks all! 😆

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VanillaSugar Fri 27-Apr-18 22:36:44

You could do a tray bake and freeze those. Nigella Lawson has some good recipes.

jetSTAR Sat 28-Apr-18 07:34:30

Can’t go wrong with Mary Berry

100g self raising flour
100g caster sugar
100g softened butter
2 eggs
1tsp baking powder

Put in bowl altogether
Mix it
Job done

Bake at about 180 C for 15-20 mins

They will freeze fine.

jetSTAR Sat 28-Apr-18 07:36:40


funmummy48 Sat 28-Apr-18 07:37:39

1,2,3,4 Cakes. 1egg, 2oz butter, 3oz sugar, 4oz flour. Put in a bowl, mix together (add a drop of milk if the picture's a bit stiff), divide between 10 cake cases and bake at 180c for 12-15 minutes. Can be frozen. I've when defrosted.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Sat 28-Apr-18 08:41:49

Thanks everyone! DD's quite specific about what she wants hmm, so we've gone with these:
and my list's been emailed to me. 😆

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