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Freeze-able Lunches

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FrozenMargarita17 Wed 25-Apr-18 13:33:17

Hi all,

I hope you can help. I'm after freeze-able healthy lunches for my husband to take to work.

At the moment he says he doesn't have time to sort things in the morning even though there are plenty of bits in the fridge for him to put together. I said to him I don't mind batch cooking once in a while and freezing some things.

Any ideas?

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KoalasAteMyHomework Wed 25-Apr-18 13:40:58

Following with interest as am doing the same for my husband.
We have done chilli con carne and 2 soups we cooked in the slow cooker and froze so far. I have also baked and froze some cheese muffins with grated carrot and courgette in.
He is also taking leftovers so I cooked extra pasta last night for dinner and he took some of that for lunch today.

KoalasAteMyHomework Wed 25-Apr-18 13:42:15

I say "for my husband" but essentially I help do the batch cooking but he does at least get the stuff out the freezer the night before or make his own sandwiches.

FrozenMargarita17 Wed 25-Apr-18 13:43:03

@koalas yes I think muffins might be a way for me to go. Do you have a recipe?

I don't think he'd eat a soup if I made it!!

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FrozenMargarita17 Wed 25-Apr-18 13:44:41

Ha, yes, he has been responsible for his own stuff forever (more so since baby came along) but he either spends lots of money buying stuff from the shop every day which isn't ideal when we're trying to cut down, or he eats nothing and is starving when he comes in and then falls asleep in the hour that he sees the baby which is getting right on my nerves. I thought if I batch cooked I could eat them for lunch too!

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NoStraightEdges Wed 25-Apr-18 13:45:22

Sandwiches freeze.
Sausage rolls and quiches too-saves batch cooking just buy them and portion them up!

KoalasAteMyHomework Wed 25-Apr-18 14:09:17

Yeah just wanted to make the point before I had 100 people telling me that he's a grown man and should sort it himself! He's been helping a lot as our DS is struggling at the moment so if I can make prepping lunches easier for him then I am happy to.
I adapted the recipe from here
He doesn't take them as a full lunch though, more like a snack or with some extra stuff like a small salad etc. My DS likes them though and its currently the only veg he eats!! blush

Ricekrispie22 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:39:07

Calzone or Stromboli pizzas
and bacon scones ink{\]]s}
spinach and sweet potato samosas
Cornish pasties

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