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Pls share your salads?

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llmb Tue 17-Apr-18 18:58:22

I’m after some new ideas for salads. Have to be vegetarian. So I mean for example a coleslaw or Greek salad (don’t need those recipes just an example of what I mean)

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jenthehen Tue 17-Apr-18 19:02:07

I do one with griddled asparagus, olives, feta, tomato, mixed salad leaves of spinach, rocket, watercress and feta cheese, figs and a poached egg in the middle (I also have Parma ham or bacon)

llmb Tue 17-Apr-18 19:04:27

Sounds nice.... do you use fresh figs? Are they expensive?

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mando12345 Tue 17-Apr-18 19:12:08

I do a very simple, quick and delicious salad consisting of a large bag of spinach, rocket and watercress leaves, two roughly chopped avocados and 50 gms of toasted pine nuts. I dress with a simple balsamic vinegar and extra Virgin olive oil dressing.
Is always very popular as part of a lunch and is so easy.

jenthehen Tue 17-Apr-18 19:16:09

Yes I use fresh figs, I usually do it when they are reduced but you don't need much on each serving.

melonribenia Tue 17-Apr-18 19:24:11

Chopped boiled eggs, cold chicken strips, lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, pepper, tomatoes, ainsley Harriots cous cous and a big dollop of low fat hummus.

TryingToGetFired Tue 17-Apr-18 22:01:55 loved by all who eat it - especially the kids!

TryingToGetFired Tue 17-Apr-18 22:05:28

Love mozzarella, tomato and basil, with a balsamic, olive oil and a smidge of garlic - served hot crusty buttered ciabatta.
Or rocket, cherry toms and parmesan with a balsamic vinegarette
Beetroot, rocket and soft mild goats cheese with a balsamic vinegarette

coldlocation Tue 17-Apr-18 22:10:34

Grated carrot, celeriac and red cabbage with seeds so sprinkled thru it, some halloumi cut up super small and sprinkled thru it... I also add tofu pieces, or chickpeas or diced quorn ham sometimes... Add a tahini dressing... Yum. This is my lunch most days. I sometimes add diced peppers too or sprouted seeds.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Tue 17-Apr-18 22:13:41

Mixed leaves , raw sugar snaps , grilled halloumi and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce , tabbouleh , cold pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes and toasted pine nuts , i like loads of leaves with blue cheese dressing and those crispy onion bits you can get

lastqueenofscotland Tue 17-Apr-18 22:13:42

Puy lentils with mushrooms in chilli and garlic with grilled asparagus and rocket. Add a small amount of feta and goats cheese. Lovely stuff

Roast med veg and chickpeas

Chickpeas, pesto, mozzarella, cherry tomato.

Leaves with beetroot, goats cheese and walnut

coldlocation Tue 17-Apr-18 22:14:51

... I use the mandolin to shred the cabbage, celeriac and carrots.

Another fave is grated carrot, spinach, rocket, seeds toasted with soy sauce, thin strips of red pepper and some goats cheese or feta. I don't put dressing on that as the adds enough.

TryingToGetFired Tue 17-Apr-18 22:16:24

Chickpea, carrot, cumin & coriander leaf
Chopped salad - red onion, tomato & cumber dress with vinaigrette.

LittleBirdBlues Tue 17-Apr-18 22:16:26

Beetroot, walnuts, goats or feta cheese, salad or rocket leaves.

My go to dressing is olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tahini and silan or honey. It makes any mix of vegetables taste delicious 😋

TryingToGetFired Tue 17-Apr-18 22:57:18

Hot piccalilli salad by Gordon’s n Ramsey is lovely too.

llmb Wed 18-Apr-18 09:21:10

Lovely thanks all! Any one got anymore quinoa or cous cous recipes?

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Maremaremare Wed 18-Apr-18 09:24:47

My favourite quinoa recipe is:

I leave out the raisins and sugar and only use half a lemon.

Argeles Wed 18-Apr-18 09:26:45

This pomegranate tabbouleh in the link below is delicious.

I make it without the chicken - there’s really no need for it in the recipe, and I say that as a meat eater.

5foot5 Wed 18-Apr-18 13:42:19

Courgette, red pepper and red onion tossed together with a bit of olive oil and a tad of harissa paste then bake in the oven for about 20 mins. Then I serve on a bed of couscous.

Rainbow peanut noodles:
Red pepper, carrot, yellow pepper sliced in to very fine sticks. Edameme beans either briefly stir fried or lightly steamed. Red cabbage very finely sliced.
Cook a small helping of noodles and then toss in a peanut sauce made by mixing 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter with 1/2 tbsp soy sauce a little of sweet chilli sauce, lemon juice and maple syrup and then hot water until it is the consistency of double cream.
I arrange the noodles in the middle with the veg in blocks of colour around the outside and sprinkle a few peanuts on the top. See pic.

GreenStars Wed 18-Apr-18 13:54:37

Quinoa, rocket, red peppers, edamame beans, brown pasta, cucumber, red onion, hard boiled egg and parmesan. So tasty!

trixymalixy Wed 18-Apr-18 14:01:16

My favourite is actually a recreation of a discontinued Sainsbury's salad. It's goats cheese, avocado, tenderstem broccoli, edamame beans and pumpkin seeds.

The Sainsbury's version had an avocado dressing which i haven't recreated but I keep meaning to try.

llmb Wed 18-Apr-18 16:58:04

Wow these sound lovely! I need to go shopping! Thank you!

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Synecdoche Wed 18-Apr-18 17:08:49

Some of my favourites:

Hope you like a couple!

happytobemrsg Wed 18-Apr-18 17:30:43

@TryingToGetFired that quinoa salad looks delicious!

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