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Risotto recipe? Never made it lol

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Alwayssearching Mon 16-Apr-18 17:50:45

OK so for. Some reason I've never made a risotto.. I don't know why..
So dp suggested it when we were thinking of other cheap meal ideas. And using up items we have. (would only have to buy the rice)
I have to use up. Some chicken, bacon, peppers, corn on a cob but can take off , onions, courgette.
All to be used this week. Have chicken stock cubes too I think?
So can I put it all in. Or anything I could add.. Altho defeats the idea of. Trying not to buy too much lol
Do u boil the rice in a stock?
Sorry sounds dim lol, believe it or not I am a good cook but just like a recipe to follow the first time

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AlecOrAlonzo Mon 16-Apr-18 18:04:51

I would do paella rather than risotto with those ingredients.

AlecOrAlonzo Mon 16-Apr-18 18:07:51

Obviously without the seafood. Just use bacon instead of chorizo. Won't be as tasty but still fine.

kikibo Mon 16-Apr-18 18:24:41

My mum used to do a great risotto with ham cubes, peas and courgette, but you can basically put anything in it. Though I'd stick to the chicken, courgette and onions. Don't forget to mix in some parmesan cheese at the end. Makes it nice and creamy.

Risotto is very labour intensive though, as it involves putting in a ladle of hot stock, then waiting until it's boiled away, then repeat until the rice is cooked. I used to cheat and just put in all of the stock after frying the rice (nobody ever noticed).

MissSmiley Mon 16-Apr-18 18:56:51

Fry bacon
Set aside fry courgettes chopped into slices and then quartered
In non stick pan fry onion until soft but not brown. Make up a pint or so of chicken stock add a little at a time until all absorbed. If you've got any white wine splash a bit in too. When rice cooked add cooked bacon and courgette and cubes of butter and Parmesan if available. Enjoy. Keeps in fridge and reheat next day x

Alwayssearching Mon 16-Apr-18 19:24:26

Thank you. I do paella all the time with that recipe it's one of our favourites.
Gonna chuck it all in and hope for the best haha

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