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Multi-tier cake recipe

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steppingout Sat 14-Apr-18 15:08:21

I used the Guardian 'how to make the perfect sponge' recipe for a six layer cake with no dowel recently- it held up fine and was a good texture. I did assemble and decorate the same day we ate it though.

Foggymist Sat 14-Apr-18 14:58:07

First of all the cakes don't sit directly on top of each other so no cake needs to take the weight, you use cake dowels for support. A light fluffy cake usually doesn't suit purely because if it's a fatless sponge or will be baked a day or two before eating it will dry out, a slightly denser more moist cake lasts better.

KirstenRaymonde Thu 12-Apr-18 08:41:16

Hi, I wondered if anyone had a brilliant sponge recipe that was moist and fluffy, but firm enough to be used for a multi-tiered cake. I don’t think my go-to sponge will take the weight well, but I’m worried about ending up with a dry sponge, would love your tried and tested recipes.


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