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How do YOU make corned beef hash/tater hash?

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bananabump Fri 11-May-07 19:38:25

Looking for a recipe for corned beef hash to cheer up my brother! When my Mum used to make hers it was more like a thick stew. I think it was just onion, potato and corned beef to be honest, but she didn't write the recipe down and now I can't ask her, and I just haven't got a clue how to make it!

How do you make yours?

rabbleraiser Fri 11-May-07 19:42:37

There are two ways of making hash; the mashed potato version (gorgeously gloopy), or the new potato version where everything is cubed and crispy. I tend to prefer the latter, but only because it's less filling.

If you're mum's was like thick stew, I imagine she mashed the potatoes and mushed the corned beef, etc, into it. Essentially it's just onion, potato and corned beef, as you say. Choose a good mashing potato (King Edward, for instance), use plenty of onion, lots of butter, tomato puree/ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and anything else you feel like.

Grill it before serving, so the top's nice and crunchy.

lilolilmanchester Sat 12-May-07 15:52:24

... and if you really need some comfort food, use mashed potato version as a pie filling. Fab with peas and gravy, or even baked beans. OK, so no good for the waist but bloody gorgeous!

bananabump Sat 12-May-07 19:28:14

heehee! Both very different from how my Mum used to make hers. I wish I knew what sequence she did it in and what seasoning etc she added but I remember watching her as a child and I think she just cooked the onions, added the potatoes and corned beef, then stock (or whatever it was) and let it cook. I don't think she mashed it, think she just cooked it until everything was naturally blending a bit. Sometimes she made it thinner and we had dumplings in it.

Both those options sound nice though, the pie filling one, I bet that's a bit like cornish pasties. Trouble is I'm a veggie now so I can't taste it to see if it's ok, so I'll have to try it out on dp. Last time I tried to make it I forgot corned beef was so salty, and almost poisoned him.

munz Sat 12-May-07 19:36:13

ooh right MIL does hers as this:

fry off in the pan the corned beef/onions. then add your stock peel and slice tatas and add to the pot as well. use about 4 oxos (she doesn't like granuals in there) leave to simmer until there's pratcially no cornedbeef in chunks left and serve with crusty bread

munz Sat 12-May-07 19:36:50

ooh MIL doens't add any seasoning at all - DH goes mad for it.

bananabump Sat 12-May-07 21:14:45

That sounds more like my Mums I think...I don't think she used to add any special seasoning either come to think of it, probably just oxo cubes. Thanks!

Mandy1990x Mon 09-Feb-15 16:58:43

I know this is an old post but hopefully you will see this. I think the way you are talking about is the way I make mine.

Potatoes carrots and onions cut up boil in water until cooked. Cut up corned beef and put in the pan, cook for half an hour then put oxo cube in. Leave to Cooke for another 10 minutes and voila The longer you leave it to cook the thicker it will be as the potatoes fall apart. We're having it tonight smile

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 09-Feb-15 17:22:28

Onions boiled in water?

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