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Home-made mayonnaise

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Lonoxo Mon 09-Apr-18 21:05:39

Hi, just wondering if anyone uses homemade mayonnaise only. How often do you do it and how long does it keep for? We don’t use a lot of it so thinking of making my own instead of having a jar in the fridge for months.

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TheSpottedZebra Mon 09-Apr-18 23:32:21

I'd not keep it for longer than a week.

Bought jarred mayo is Pasturised, so will last much, much longer.

Paranormalbouquet Mon 09-Apr-18 23:34:26

I make it but only if bbq season or having guests over as it doesn’t last long. I must learn to make smaller portions of it actually. I always seem to need more egg than recipe suggests!

canihaveacoffeeplease Tue 10-Apr-18 18:50:49

I make it regularly, not really a fan of bought mayo, never have been, but think homemade is just something else and absolutely love it!

I make it in pretty small batches (2 yolks, approx 200ml oil) and keep it for no longer than a week. It doesn't usually last that long in this house though!

GinUser Wed 11-Apr-18 22:45:26

I make fresh as required. Tastes nicer than bought and is cheaper.

Lonoxo Thu 12-Apr-18 20:33:06

Thanks all! One week it is.

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