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Gluten free picnic for 5 ideas please?

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colditz Mon 09-Apr-18 19:00:30

Taking a bunch of kids out for the day next week, one has coeliacs so I want it all gluten free.

kids are 11 and 12

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Chocolatecake12 Mon 09-Apr-18 19:03:12

Lidl have started to do a gluten free range. Their brownie mix was yummy!
They also sell gluten free flour and I made a sponge cake with that which was nice.
You can buy loads of gluten free stuff but don’t forget fruit and veggie sticks with dips which are great for picnics

madvixen Mon 09-Apr-18 19:04:54

Ohhh Sainsbury's do some fab gluten free pork pies. Personally, I'd go with meats and cheeses, maybe some ham and cream cheese pinwheel sandwiches (no need to worry about bread that way) and some yummy gf cake. GF cake can be pricey but most recipes adapt to GC flour reasonably well

huha Mon 09-Apr-18 19:12:10

GF sandwiches
Coleslaw/potato salad
GF cookies/cakes
Lettuce wraps (filled with chicken mayo or tuna mayo)

Sagegreen Mon 09-Apr-18 19:17:40

My 6 year old is a coeliac and we regularly make picnics to share. Tesco make soft white rolls which are good sandwiches. sinple supermarket brand crisps but beware Pringles have gluten and all dip type crisps. You can get gluten free breadsticks in the free from sections. Cheee sticks are useful, hummus, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks. Lots of GF biscuits available. Finally, GF pasta with pesto (barilla jar is GF) and sweet corn/maybe chicken breast is a great cold pasta salad in a tub along with traditional potato salad or coleslaw. If you can heat food or keep it warm then jacket potatoes and tuna and very good too. Sweet foods: grapes and berries, brownies as said above and ice creams are great but beware that many lollies (twister/fab/cornetto) are not GF as they make the colouring or syrup with something that's wheat or barley based. We stick to vanilla in a tub! Be careful when preparing the meal to not use butter or surfaces etc that could contaminate as my DD was ill from crumbs in Flora which had been regularly used for wheat toast when we were away from home 😬

Eggzandbacon Mon 09-Apr-18 19:19:01

Remember if you make sandwiches on GF bread you will need new butter as yours will be contaminated- same with condiments - mayo, jam etc.

Not all crisps are GF (seabrooks are good)
M&S cocktail sausages are GF - all their sausages are.

colditz Mon 09-Apr-18 19:19:21

This is all very helpful, thank you

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CMOTDibbler Mon 09-Apr-18 19:28:05

I'm coeliac, and we make maki rolls for picnics. Ds likes plain cucumber or avocado, or with roast chicken. I like tinned tuna with avo.

The M&S pre cooked cocktail sausages aren't suitable for coeliacs anymore unfortunatly, but they do gf chipolatas, and who doesn't love a cold cooked sausage

Eggzandbacon Mon 09-Apr-18 20:25:14

They changed them - boo to M&S!!

MummyItsallaboutyou Mon 09-Apr-18 20:34:25

Sainsbury taste the difference cocktail sausages are gluten free and amazing. I often cook their gf chicken nuggets and have them cold. Aldi do a good range of falafel which is gf.

colditz Tue 10-Apr-18 11:26:13


I'm not sure about how adventurous these kids are, so I'm just going to make some ham or cheese rolls (might bring the fillings seperately and make the rolls up on site), and see if I can get some gluten free sausage rolls from Sainsbury's. Some cake, some crisps, some carrot and cucumber sticks, and some fizzy pop and we should be fit to go!

Thanks all!

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