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How to eek out a bulb of garlic?

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AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sun 08-Apr-18 16:29:15

We usually buy the puree in the tubes. DH has come home with a bulb of garlic!

How do I make garlic butter with raw garlic?

Can I freeze the cloves?

The tube was supposed to last us all week! I KNOW these questions make me sound like a dumbass!

Is there a way I can puree it?

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tortelliniforever Sun 08-Apr-18 16:31:52

You don't need to freeze it, it lasts for ages. Mash the cloves with butter for garlic bread.

Caulk Sun 08-Apr-18 16:33:39

They last for weeks. Just crush a clove and mix with some butter to make garlic butter.

squoosh Sun 08-Apr-18 16:33:49

The drama of a garlic bulb! grin

Peel a few cloves and grate it into the butter. Absolutely no need to freeze the cloves. Get yourself a garlic press and you can puree it that way.

KirstenRaymonde Sun 08-Apr-18 16:34:54

It’ll last ages in the fridge, there’s bulbs of garlic in my fridge that have been there more than a month.

You can slice them - crush with the back of the knife and then slice. If you have a grater with very small holes you can grate them.

KirstenRaymonde Sun 08-Apr-18 16:36:12

I have a ceramic plate with sort of raised spikes that I use to purée garlic, and a peeler with sort of spiky holes in the handle that does the same - rub cloves against spikes

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sun 08-Apr-18 16:36:54

Thank you!

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inmyheadimthequeen Sun 08-Apr-18 16:37:10

The garlic paste in the tube is just raw garlic, with a bit of vegetable oil and salt. If you have a mini processor just pulverise a couple of cloves with a bit of salt. If not, you can grate it, push it through a garlic press, bash it using a mortar and pestle or even chop it finely and flatten it with the blade of a knife. Take the paper coating off first. It's not worth freezing it an unpeeled clovecwill last more than a week in a cool place or the salad drawer in your fridge. It won't smell if unpeeled.

tortelliniforever Sun 08-Apr-18 20:21:37

I don't keep it in the fridge and it keeps for ages at room temperature.

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