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Cadburys double decker 4 bars Scam at Aldi Lidl

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igr61 Fri 06-Apr-18 14:31:30

Cadburys 4 bars packs are £1 for 4 bars pack at Morrisons and Asda regular normal 47 g size.
But Aldi and Lidl have a nice little scam designed to deceive where their 4 pack scam
pack is is £1 BUT each
chocolate bar is the smaller 40 G size.With reduced nougat topping

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TSSDNCOP Fri 06-Apr-18 14:32:17


igr61 Sat 07-Apr-18 00:34:40

[[ ]]

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WhatCanIDoNowPlease Sat 07-Apr-18 00:51:50



StrawberrySquash Sun 08-Apr-18 23:21:44

I had what I thought was a full size DD earlier. Only like every chocolate bar it's been shrunk and the crunchy bit is all thin and rubbish with no bite to it. Rubbish.

VanillaSugar Sun 08-Apr-18 23:23:45

I've got an Aldi advert on my screen. How did that happen? grin

BikeRunSki Sun 08-Apr-18 23:24:03

Pound shops have been doing this for years!

Chasingsquirrels Sun 08-Apr-18 23:30:43

Agreed OP, and with the poster who said about Poundland.

But I have recently found B&M do a 5-pack of KitKat Chunky for £1 instead of the normal 4-pack for £1 on offer in supermarkets.
They are smaller (not sure on all weight but kcals are 165 v 208) but that is a win for me as I'm happy to have one but it is less calories, and there is an extra one in the pack.

SoleBizzz Sun 08-Apr-18 23:33:25

I bought DS a four pack of double decker bars from the newsagents to share with his fruends and I was shocked at how tiny they were!

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