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Recommendations for a hand blender?

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PinkCloudDweller Sun 01-Apr-18 21:40:39

I have lost count of the number of hand blenders that I have broken over the last few years. They all seem to have the same issue: a motor that is too powerful for the attachment connector bit. I had the Kenwood Triblade, which I loved and re-bought 3 times (!!), but it broke every single time, same issue, after a few months. Other makes were the same. I then tried finding a blender with a non-removable foot to avoid this issue, but they don't seem to exist?

What do you recommend? I will use it very regularly, mostly to blend soups and don't really need any extra attachments. I'd like it to be reasonable powerful but be built to last.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 02-Apr-18 08:35:44

I’ve been using a Sainsbury’s Basics one for anout 20 years now. If yiu are using it mainly for blending soup, my DF swears by her Soup Maker though.

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