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What is your favourite Savory pie filling?

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Thetartofasgard Fri 30-Mar-18 10:54:09

I’m fed up with making the usual chicken and veg or minced beef and onion.

Inspire me with your favourite fillings!

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UrbaneSprawl Fri 30-Mar-18 11:56:11

Torta Pasquelina - Italian Easter pie made with chard (or spinach, or both) and ricotta, with eggs cracked into the top before you put the ‘lid’ on and bake it.

ditesmoitout Fri 30-Mar-18 11:57:20

Creamy leeks, mushrooms and bacon?

Roasted cherry tomatoes (Roast about 500g on tray in oven at 200°C for 20 minutes after tossing in a bowl with 2tbsp of olive oil, a thumbsize bit of butter, a tbsp of sugar, a tbsp of red wine vinegar, 10 cloves garlic, 5 shallots and plenty of thyme ) with feta and pitted black olives and basil.

Spinach and ricotta with toasted flaked almonds and roast garlic

Smoked ham cubes with brocoli and cheddar

Minced pork (or peeled sausages ) with soya sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and pakchoi

Fried cabbage with lardons and goats cheese

ditesmoitout Fri 30-Mar-18 11:58:42

@UrbaneSprawl - I'd forgotten about the eggs with spinach and ricotta - knew I was missing something - thx!

Ifailed Fri 30-Mar-18 12:02:47

are you making proper pies, or just something hot with a lid?

karmakameleon Fri 30-Mar-18 12:03:59

these are good

kateandme Fri 30-Mar-18 12:28:36

chicken and bacon
fish mix boiled egg.
marocan style tomato chicken
beef and ale
pork and cider
sausages in mustard cream sauce.
lamb and peas
chicken mushrrom
chicken leek broccoli
cheese and onion
cheese onion potato.
peppers chicken tomotao chorizo mozerlla
salmon and leek
veggies chicken and ricotta
spiced lamb
green vegg in creamy stock
mediteranian chicken and veg and sweet potato
squash and kale
spinach and feta

Thetartofasgard Fri 30-Mar-18 13:05:10

Some lovely ideas, thanks. Going for the chicken broccoli and leek, with a cheesy sauce.

@ifailed making proper pies - shortcrust base but with a puff lid.

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Ifailed Fri 30-Mar-18 18:58:31

Thetartofasgard Good for you!
Like kateandme list.

Bluesheep8 Sun 01-Apr-18 08:30:02

My favourite is cheese and onion.

ememem84 Sun 01-Apr-18 08:31:10

Salmon broccoli with white wine cheese sauce. Also works well as a pasta bake....

Tigerpit Sun 01-Apr-18 12:56:47

Leftover chilli with extra peppers, courgette and a tin of baked beans if you need to bulk it out makes a great pie.

Vegetables in a cheesy sauce.

Leftover casserole. Although I tend to make individual pasties with this rather than a big pie.

Leftover haggis and neeps, mixed together, also make an amazing pie.

As you can tell, pies are my go-to of choice for leftovers!!

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