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Mary Berry Lasagne help...

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SarahBeeney Fri 30-Mar-18 10:25:43

I'm planning to make Mary Berry's lasagne for Sunday lunch.
The recipe says to leave for 6 hours before cooking. However I'd have to get up at 4am in order to do this. So I was planning to make it Saturday.
Can I leave it at this stage for more than 6 hours?Would it go in the fridge?
Or should I wait the 6 hours and cook it then and then reheat it on Sunday?
Or can anyone recommend another recipe please?

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Orangettes Fri 30-Mar-18 12:12:40

Make it on Saturday and shove it in the fridge, should be fine.

Lucked Fri 30-Mar-18 12:13:35

Yes make day before but cook on Sunday.

fourpawswhite Fri 30-Mar-18 12:14:28

Yes ,make Saturday and keep it in fridge and it will be fine. Or make mince part Saturday and assemble Sunday. It's the mince that's best made the day before I reckon.

BIWI Fri 30-Mar-18 12:17:26

Make it the day before, leave it for the 6 hours, and cook it. Put it in the fridge, and then re-heat on Sunday (making sure, of course, that it's piping hot all the way through). Lasagne is much nicer when it's had time to 'mature' after cooking!

What I would recommend, though, is that you cover it with foil for its first cooking, so that the top doesn't dry out too much. When you re-heat it, you can do it without the foil.

SarahBeeney Fri 30-Mar-18 13:32:12

Thankyou everyone smile

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Anewchapter19 Sat 12-Oct-19 12:29:09

Zombie thread!
But did you use dried or fresh pasta sheets for this recipe?

SarahBeeney Sun 13-Oct-19 00:21:09

Hi,I just stumbled upon this old thread of mine. I used dry sheets. I think that’s why MB says to leave it for 6 hours so it soaks up.

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