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Is this mince safe to use?

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1frenchfoodie Fri 30-Mar-18 15:29:05

Sorry my bad above, it is carbonmonoxide they put into packs - but advice still stands, don't go on colour alone. It should be fine as it is in date but do smell it - and cook right through (though sure you'd do that anyway!)

cheapochips Fri 30-Mar-18 14:35:03

yes, smell it. You'll know when you open the pack. Mince doesn't really have much of a smell - well not from a distance anyway.

1frenchfoodie Fri 30-Mar-18 14:23:15

It should be fine, beef loses its red colour and goes a bit grey on contact with air. They usually put more highly oxygenated air in meat packs to keep the colour but it is really just for aesthetic reason - as long as the pack is intact and in date there should be no problem.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Thu 29-Mar-18 16:18:56

Mince that has gone off has a distinctive vinegary smell.

NewNameADayKeepsSpiesAway Thu 29-Mar-18 15:48:57

Beef mince does sometimes have a pale colour and is fine - I would open the pack and sniff to check. If it smells like usual then I’d not worry about the colour and eat

CobaltRose Thu 29-Mar-18 15:25:41

Hi everyone.

I bought this mince a couple of days ago. It had a use by date of the 31st so theoretically should be okay, but I'm not too sure about the colour. There's a slight ding on the packaging but it's only on the paper, it doesn't penetrate the plastic. I was planing to cook with it tonight anyway but the colour concerns me slighty!

I don't want to take any risks as I'm currently pregnant!

Thanks! smile

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