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chocolate fridge cake/rocky road ingredients

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runner2 Tue 27-Mar-18 20:09:31

The recipe I've got includes 200g marshmallows but I don't like them. Do I need to substitute with something else or can I just leave them out without it affecting the recipe? (I don't want to add anymore dried fruit or nuts....)

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Foggymist Wed 28-Mar-18 01:49:12

Just leave them out.

octoberfarm Wed 28-Mar-18 02:30:48

Not sure if this is remotely useful, but when I used to make it as a kid we did a massive dollop of golden syrup to make it a bit more cakey/fudgey, but we never used marshmallows. Might that work as a replacement?

BalloonFlowers Wed 28-Mar-18 04:46:14

Should be fine. You could add a small amount (not 200g) of extra biscuits if needed because there is too much chocolate mixture.

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