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How long will Bolognese keep in the fridge

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Princess9891 Mon 26-Mar-18 20:30:53

Or should I freeze It? Made way too much for dinner and seemed a waste to throw it away. It's just mince onion etc usual ingredients. If I do freeze it can I cook it from frozen? Made it with frozen mince if that makes a difference

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chickywoo Mon 26-Mar-18 20:34:42

I would keep it a week in the fridge
You could make it into lasagne in a couple of days? if You think u won’t fancy it again in the next wk will be fine to freeze.

Princess9891 Tue 27-Mar-18 06:19:10

Ooh didn't think of that! Should I warm it through first or just build lasagne and bung it in the oven?

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ohamIreally Tue 27-Mar-18 06:40:05

It will keep longer in the fridge than mine will on the worktop where I left it cooling prior to freezing but went to bed and forgot all about it grin

Princess9891 Tue 27-Mar-18 13:13:45

Oops grin

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