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Veggie recipes

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2000lightyearsaway Mon 26-Mar-18 01:43:52

Hi all
I’m wanting to reduce my meat intake with the view of hopefully cutting it out altogether. Could anyone share their favourite tasty veggie meals please?

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AjasLipstick Mon 26-Mar-18 02:12:52

Hi there...we're not a vegetarian family but only eat meat twice a week.

We have vegetarian "bolognaise" and vegetarian curry,...the bologniase we make with red lentils.

We just fry onions, add two cloves of garlic....gently cook for a few mins, then add diced carrots, red lentils which have been soaked, some olives, tomato sauce (we make our own) mix of herbs....salt and pepper and a bit of Worcestershire sauce. You can add celery with the carrots if you like...or any veg really.

Veg curry is just easy....any veg you like cooked with onions and garlic and some curry powder....add some coconut cream or milk....maybe half a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Other veg meals include stir fried veg with egg fried rice, falafels (you can buy mixes for this in a sachet)

Veg soup with bread. Or if I am busy I just roast a big load of veg....with garlic and rosemary. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots....anything you like. We eat that on it's own but you might like gravy.

LilQueenie Mon 26-Mar-18 02:52:56

also try Quorn as its easy and quick. Basically substitute it for whatever meat you would normally use. Its a quick and easy way to transition. A family fav is the sunday roast. You really don't have to change much at all though there are plenty veggie meals out there that are delicious.

BicycleHorn Mon 26-Mar-18 03:19:49

Roasted aubergine and peppers with Mexican spices and honey paired with bulgar wheat, rocket , cucumber and pomegranate is one of my faves.

Large mushrooms are your friend! Grilled makes them tender, juicy and similar to steak. Throw avocados everywhere and anywhere too! Sweet potatoes bulk out meat-free dinners.

I tried Eat Fresh which had half price delivery and it let me choose 3 vegetarian recipes and ingredients to be delivered to my house and access to lots of other veggie recipes online. (You'll be able to find a half price code on Google) Really pushed me venture out properly into the tasty vegetarian world of opportunities!

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