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What's for tea tonight?

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Bluesheep8 Sun 25-Mar-18 09:36:53

Steak pie, mash, carrots, cauliflower and gravy here....

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Orangettes Sun 25-Mar-18 10:15:45

Spiced Lamb Kefla with slow roasted tomato sauce and roast baby potatoes.

BarryTheKestrel Sun 25-Mar-18 10:18:31

Roast beef and all the trimmings tonight. I have the day to myself with DH and work and DD out with her cousins so have the time to do a decent roast for once!

Bluesheep8 Sun 25-Mar-18 10:21:07

Ooh orangettes that sounds lovely-far more interesting than ours which is a special request by DP as he fancies something plain and comforting (with gravy!)

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Bluesheep8 Sun 25-Mar-18 10:23:21

Roast beef sounds great too Barry! I always want to know what everyone's eating in a Sunday...mine needs to be low effort as I've got a full week of Masterchef to watch this afternoon.

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speakout Sun 25-Mar-18 13:36:36

OH cooks on a Sunday.

Today is a spanish chicken tray bake- with chorizo and vegetables, home made potato wedges and salad.


rockshandy Sun 25-Mar-18 14:03:00

Oven baked sweet and sour chicken, rice and green beans.

Chocolate puddings and ice cream for dessert.

Scotsmum2017 Sun 25-Mar-18 14:06:50

Spaghetti bolognese mmmmm.....

ScarletPower Sun 25-Mar-18 14:08:50

Roast lamb
cauliflower and brocolli cheese

Forgot to buy Yorkshires though bah.

Chrisinthemorning Sun 25-Mar-18 14:09:59

Jamie’s 5 hour lamb in the slow cooker since first thing. Served with mash.

Eminybob Sun 25-Mar-18 14:10:24

We have no kitchen at the moment soooo...

We are having our first bbq of the year!
I will be safely wrapped up indoors watching dh cook through the window

Maybeicanhelp Sun 25-Mar-18 14:11:24

Those all sound lovely smile.

We're having braised steak and onions with potato and swede mash (and some veg). Salted caramel ice cream for pudding.

MaMisled Sun 25-Mar-18 14:12:06

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Roasted swede, carrot, potatoes, butternut, sprouts, parsnip, onion and aubergine.

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