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Is it safe to serve pulled pork like this?

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CrispsAndChoc Sat 24-Mar-18 16:45:10

Hi everyone. I’m cooking a large pulled pork for a party. I’ll be slow cooking it at home and then taking it to the party. Just wondering if that’s safe and if I’ll need to do anything before serving it.

I could take the base and leave it on warm when we get to the party but that will be a pain. I really don’t want to give everyone food poisoning! I’m about 20 minutes drive from the party and it will be part of a buffet for the day.

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childmindingmumof3 Sat 24-Mar-18 16:49:44

How long between cooking and eating? Are you planning on reheating it?

antimatter Sat 24-Mar-18 16:52:05

You will be fine. Pork fat doesn’t go off. Pulled pork has high fat content. In my experience pulled pork doesn’t go off easily. I make it very often. Are you planning to keep it at home warm and then transport it. IMHO yoi won’t give food poisoning to anyone.

Yacka Sat 24-Mar-18 16:54:37

The official line is to make sure the food is heated to 82° once cooked.
Then what is called "hot holding" at no less than 63° for a maximum for 2 hours.

So if you pork is pipping hot before you leave the house and is served in the next 2 hours. Ideally on a low heat it will be fine.

Yacka Sat 24-Mar-18 16:57:34

Or if you do not want it to be on a heat at the party. You can let it cool asap from the 82° and serve cold.

Pork is usually an ok meat for a buffet situation. So do not worry. As long as it has made the minimum 82 to ensure it's cooked fully.

CrispsAndChoc Sat 24-Mar-18 17:58:14

Thank you. It will be going on the buffet table straight away but how quickly it will be eaten I don’t know!

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QuiteLikely5 Sat 24-Mar-18 17:59:42

Strange do slow cookers even reach 85 degrees?

Yacka Sat 24-Mar-18 18:11:20

No slow cookers don't usually get that hot. But not too far off if you have a high setting.

Usually if the liquid is bubbling it is 75-80° so a few degrees out won't do much as guidelines do always have a higher level than needed to kill bacteria as a buffer for safety reasons.

So don't worry about them serving it at a party 20 mins away.

Ps have fun and enjoy as I now what slow pork smile

antimatter Sun 25-Mar-18 00:03:34

my slow cooker cooked to 100 degrees on highest setting, I have instant Pot now so that's different.

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