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Late quick birthday supper!

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anonymousbird Thu 22-Mar-18 09:44:51

It's DH's birthday today and we are going to see a show as a family. However, due to return from work time, we will literally go straight to the show. Children will have had an early supper after school, but not DH or I, we won't be able to eat with them. It's a local small theatre so options for pre-theatre snackage probably non-existent so we will have to make do with a bag of crisps on the train/bus!

Too late to go out afterwards as the children have school tomorrow, and we will be home around 10pm so what is very very quick/easy to rustle up as a birthday treat (even a collection of nice ready to go snacks) that requires almost no attention when we get in to go with a glass of fizz?

TIA for any last minute ideas!

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kateandme Thu 22-Mar-18 11:19:23

shops buy olives feta packs.salmi deli meats.balsamic.french stick or nice brea and butter.some nice cheese.grapes.jar of sun dried tomatos.delish spread out

pack of prawns.creme fraiche.white wine.stock.salmon fillet.
fry some onion and garlic.add some white wine and stock.half cream half flour and splash or flour or conrfour.
prawns to pan,salmon fillets.add the cream liquid and few spoons of crème fraiche.few herbs.done when the pasta is.
meanwhile be cooking taglieteli with some peas in the water too.once cooked should be same time as prawn dish.super quick sorted.

sun dried tomatos in a jar with some pasta,jar of dolmio bolognase sauce..garlic bread parmesan.big salad.

pizza is always great.

fish cakes and nice salad

slow cooker?

cook steak slice lengthways,put onto toasted panini with some mustard and salad.squish.slice yum.

can you make a dauphinois potatos now in the day before you go.pick up some salmon fillets.ten minutes to cook.heat or cook through the dauhpinois. or sim a mac and cheese bake.

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