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Roast chicken, and bored of Bisto - what sauce shall I make?

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TolpuddleFarterOATB Wed 21-Mar-18 13:50:50

I'm roasting a chicken tonight, with baby potatoes, carrots and broccoli. I usually have Bisto gravy with it, but I'm a bit fed up of it.

What sauce could I make to go with it? I've got a lot of stuff in at the moment (apart from cream.) Any suggestions?


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Tigerpit Wed 21-Mar-18 14:20:53

Do you make bread sauce to go with roast chicken? I can't eat it without bread sauce. In fact I could eat bread sauce on its own, sod the chicken....

happymumof4crazykids Wed 21-Mar-18 14:24:03

Why not just make proper gravy with the meat juices and veg water?

TolpuddleFarterOATB Wed 21-Mar-18 14:27:30

I've never made bread sauce - mainly through prejudice as my grandad loves it and he loves anything bland! Maybe I should look into it...

It's one of those roast-in-the-bag chickens so bit more tricky to make a proper gravy, but may be doable (if I was to do that I usually make it in the tin the bird has cooked in.)

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Dumbotheelephant Wed 21-Mar-18 14:34:28

Cheese sauce will go nice with the broccoli and cauliflower.

MsHomeSlice Wed 21-Mar-18 14:38:18

go light and lemony....quarter up a lemon and spritz the juice over the chicken and veg, tuck squished lemon inside chicken and cook as normal

keep all juices from tin/bag and tip into a narrow tall glass or jug, makes it easier to get a lot of the fat off

check for seasoning and thicken it a little with cornflour....chickeny lemony goodness :D

I do love bread sauce too though, but never really do it except at christmas!

Tigerpit Wed 21-Mar-18 16:32:58

Okay, I make a very unofficial and slapdash bread sauce, but it works for me, and as I'm the only one who eats it, I can do what I like!!

Small amount of onion, finely chopped, a grind of two of black pepper and a bay leaf into a pan, add a decent splosh of milk and bring just about to the boil, then take off the heat, slap on a lid and leave to steep for as long as you can.

When chicken is almost ready, fish out the bay leaf. I leave the onion in, but you do what you prefer. Crumble a slice or two of stale-ish bread into a bowl. Bring milk back to the simmer again, with a blob of butter in it. When almost boiling, start adding the breadcrumbs, bit by bit, stirring constantly till it's the consistency you like. Simmer for a minute or two then serve (or sit it aside to wait for everything else).

As another poster said above, I save the juices from a bake in bag chicken. It makes amazing gravy and is really full of flavour. Just shove the chicken on a plate and cover with foil to keep warm whilst you fuddle around with the gravy.

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