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Best baked cheesecake recipe?

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Asmadasmax Mon 19-Mar-18 21:39:35

Dd has asked for home made baked cheesecake for her birthday in April. I've not made one before and there are a LOT of recipes out there. Can anyone recommend a good recipe for someone crap not so experienced?


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Neganforever Mon 19-Mar-18 21:45:25

This one is amazing and really simple.

Asmadasmax Mon 19-Mar-18 22:24:41

Lovely thanks. No cornflour? .. a lot of the recipes seemed to include cornflour.

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Neganforever Mon 19-Mar-18 22:30:38

Just flour I think. I've made it several times and it works well.

Dontknowwhatimdoinghere Mon 02-Apr-18 15:13:48

Can I make it without the lemon and raspberries? She wants a vanilla baked cheesecake, like a New York one.

Ridiculouslyso Thu 05-Apr-18 13:23:24

Of course!

AliceDuke Wed 25-Apr-18 21:12:00

Use this one.

Raspberry marshmallow cheesecake

butter 100g
digestive biscuits 200g, crushed
marshmallows 1 bag, about 280g
milk 185ml
full fat soft cheese 500g
vanilla extract ½ tsp
double cream 150ml, softly whipped
frozen raspberries 400g, keep any juice

more cake recipe here -, enjoy smile

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