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Does anyone have a good recipe for lamb koftas?

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TheSecretMole Mon 19-Mar-18 13:23:27

I can find quite a few online but I don't know which is any good - if you have any tried and tested recipes, really grateful if you could throw them my way!

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Pinklady1981 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:26:16

Can you lamb or beef. These are nice x

Pinklady1981 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:29:47

This maybe a better link,it's from the itv save money good food show.

TheSecretMole Mon 19-Mar-18 14:21:38

Thanks! I'll use that up!

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TheSecretMole Mon 19-Mar-18 14:21:55

I mean I'll look that up..!

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