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Recipe from Mary Berry's Baking Bible

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northender Sun 18-Mar-18 12:21:49

Dd was going to make the Chocolate Victoria sandwich cake today but pages of the book have got stuck together and we can't read the ingredient list/ beginning of the method. Could anyone help please?

aurorie11 Sun 18-Mar-18 12:23:46

Just googled it

northender Sun 18-Mar-18 13:00:26

Thanks aurorie but it's not that one. It doesn't seem to come up on google

northender Sun 18-Mar-18 13:02:25

It's the recipe on page 43. I have other recipes but it's a particular one that we like and I'm trying to get dd to follow recipes preoperly rather than the scattergun approach she sometimes favours!!

SlumdogMummy Sun 18-Mar-18 13:03:23

Hope this works!

northender Sun 18-Mar-18 14:50:37

That has worked, thanks so much slumdog

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