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Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets...

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starlight123456 Thu 15-Mar-18 15:00:07

I just have to let you all know about my latest discovery and I hope you are all as excited as me...
I have found a seasoning mix that allows me to eat GLUTEN FREE chicken nuggets...Crunchy Bites Seasoning Mix from Santa Maria! They can be bought in Morrisons or Sainsbury's in the Mexican aisle.
These are absolutely delicious and my niece and nephew adore them too.
This is one of the best products I've discovered in ages!

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 16-Mar-18 18:06:19

Glad you’ve found something that you are so excited about. If they’re suitable for Coeliacs you should post your discovery over on the Coeliac and allergy board and share the love smile

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