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What would you cook?

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Heismyopendoor Mon 12-Mar-18 20:20:07

If you were on Masterchef/Come Dine With Me/other cookery show of your choice and had to cook a three course meal, what would you cook?

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PeapodBurgundy Mon 12-Mar-18 23:03:55

Ooh I hope this thread takes off!!! Food porn at its best 😁

Starter: Cheese baskets with roasted veg and salad garnish

Main: Posh roast dinner

Dessert: Hot black hole cheesecake with vanilla ice cream.

How about you OP?

2018SoFarSoGreat Mon 12-Mar-18 23:11:31

Oh Peapod yours sounds great, if you can manage to keep the good bits of the main away from the meat, I'll come to your dinner!

I'd do:

Puff pastry boxes with shrimp in Alfredo sauce, or with wild mushrooms sauteed in brandy and butter.

Blood orange salmon, with garlic/rosemary roast potatoes and assorted roasted vegetables.

Almond, raspberry and dark chocolate cake, with a dollop of whipped cream.

Making myself hungry here.

Come on everyone. Feed us!!!

RaindropsAndSparkles Mon 12-Mar-18 23:15:34

Different menus for each I think.

Masterchef I'm probably not equipped for and think I'd have the essential ingredients provided which would steer the decision.

Come Dine with me - hmm. I think I'd keep it really simple.

Fresh crab, prawns, avocado, fat cucumber slices separating layers, coriander garnish in towers with a lemony, marie rose type dressing, with a tiny hint of chilli.

Chicken breasts with sherry, shallots and dark mushroom with a simple dauphinoise, spinach and roast chantenay.

Chocolate pastry flan with lemon curd and mascarpone, secorated with raspberries and dark chocolate atrands.

PeapodBurgundy Mon 12-Mar-18 23:20:02

Actually salivating! Haha. I don't eat meat or fish so there would be a veggie option on my main. Likely some form of wellington.

Heismyopendoor Tue 13-Mar-18 08:04:47

Sounding yummy!! peapod DH asked me this last night and I took a total mind blank! Like no idea at all.

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gethintheway Tue 13-Mar-18 08:34:12

mmm all sounds yummy! I wish I was that creative with recipes. Recently bought a subscription box which has some great recipes so can't wait to cook those up!

Sarahh2014 Tue 13-Mar-18 08:59:01

Nothing fancy
Fresh king prawns in garlic butter with crusty bread
Homemade lasagne with salad
Homemade Malteasers Cheesecake

PeapodBurgundy Tue 13-Mar-18 09:21:21

sarahh2014 talk to me about Malteasers cheesecake!

kateandme Tue 13-Mar-18 09:47:50

i used to love thinking of things when ready steady was on with their bags and still do it on masterchef.
possibly a little vegetable tart side salad.
a creamy chicken on barley/rice/orzo dish
a spnge gooey pud or chocolate moussecake.

LemonysSnicket Tue 13-Mar-18 18:31:22

Starter: a spicy seafood soup
Main: ras-al-hangout and sweet pepper lamb meatballs with flat bread, cumin yoghurt and courgette
Pork done in apple then shredded and served in pitta with spring onion and cucumber

Dessert: rich chocolate avocado mousse, or a plum tart or a banoffee pie

whatareyoueatingNOW Thu 15-Mar-18 09:56:54

Come dine with me is hard because, inexplicably, there's always one moaner who won't eat seafood! So

Starter- Parmesan and herb soft rolls with asparagus cream soup and a Crispy goats cheese and asparagus croquette

Main- beef wellington with roast heritage baby carrots, Port and Stilton sauce and a watercress salad

Desert- treacle sponge and custard

Salt cod croquettes, fried calcots with romesco sauce

Slow braised pig cheeks (in wine, tomato's, herbs) with soft cheesy polenta

Bluesheep8 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:29:55

I'd do -

Roasted tomato, balsamic and fresh basil soup

Pork schnitzel with what I call Vienna potatoes and green salad

Apricot betty

Bluesheep8 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:31:22

Probably don't "go" together or complement each other but I'd know I could make them with minimal effort and concentrate on the presentation

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