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Green, white and gold party food ideas...

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TheShapeofYou Sat 10-Mar-18 09:09:50

I'm hosting a small St Patrick's Day party next Sat. Six adults and six children.

Any ideas on doing green, white and gold party food please?! Was going to try and turn my kitchen island into the Irish flag grin

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cdtaylornats Sat 10-Mar-18 10:02:47

Green salad, vanilla ice cream and lager.

snewsname Sat 10-Mar-18 10:10:17

The cheese with sage in it- Derbyshire cheese I think, has a green hue.
Pea and mint couscous type thing from the refrigerated coleslaw/hummus section in the supermarket
Gold foil covered biscuits
White chocolate biscuits
Broccoli quiche
You can get edible gold stuff from the home baking section
Things with white icing on.
White bread sandwiches

ZenNudist Sat 10-Mar-18 10:16:42

Pasta salad with paramsan pine nuts pesto and spinach (shop bought)
Salad (mainly green but i think put tomatoes in at least)
Very green garlic bread
Broccoli quiche

Potato salad
Hummus (you need carrot sticks but its sort of white)

Gold is easy: beige food plus id do pizza so mini spring rolls, breaded mushroons, chicken or fish goujons, those prawn in filo pastry rolls.

You could get a costco cake to do an actual irish flag on. Im thinking using jelly sweets or some kund of spray on food colouring

TheShapeofYou Sat 10-Mar-18 15:07:43

Thanks for all the ideas! Should have said that actually the "gold" is bright orange... I'm think I'm going to go for peas, mash and fish fingers for the kids, and a green salad/pesto pasta, white sandwiches and hummus and carrot sticks for the adults.

Then buy some plain fairy cakes and makes some icing for the kids to decorate their own cake for dessert smile

Guinness and Bailey's for the adults wink

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cdtaylornats Sat 10-Mar-18 16:50:50

Desert could be a Neapolitan style but with mint, vanilla and peach sorbet

Bluesheep8 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:18:19

Bright orange- fish fingers or wotsits!

TheShapeofYou Thu 15-Mar-18 15:36:35

Oh yeah, wotsits! Was gonna do a platter of sugar snaps, cucumber, plain hummus and carrot sticks for nibbles...but maybe I'll throw some Hula Hoops and Wotsits in bowls too! Will keep an eye out for green crisps (wasabi?!) in Asda tomorrow.

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cdtaylornats Thu 15-Mar-18 15:53:17

Wasabi peanuts are green

AdaColeman Thu 15-Mar-18 16:05:40

Pea and yoghurt dip or haricot vert dip or guacamole dip.

Mashed carrot and swede, and cabbage as the vegetables, parsley sauce (with boiled ham, is a classic Irish dish).

Pavlova with cream, kiwi fruit and tinned apricots for a tri colour pudding!

Vitalogy Thu 15-Mar-18 16:11:05

Halved eggs.

TheShapeofYou Thu 15-Mar-18 16:18:38

cdtaylornats wasabi nuts are also horrible ! grin Dh likes them tho.

AdaColeman fab ideas- thank you. My Irish uncle actually did the boiled ham/parsley sauce, carrot and Swede mash and greens one year smile

Vitalogy envy Don't do cold eggs, but thanks anyway!

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AdaColeman Thu 15-Mar-18 16:58:27

TheShapeOfYou Many a time I've eaten that meal in Dublin before the game! brew

< whispers "Grand Slam" >

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