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Healthier pot noodles- do they exist?

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whataboutbob Mon 05-Mar-18 17:07:47

My 2 boys are permanently ravenous and love making up a pot noodle in the microwave. I don’t mind too much partly as I like this autonomy- rather than them asking me for snacks. But I’m looking for brands that are lower in salt, fat and ideally no MSG. Does such a thing exist?

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Tigerpit Mon 05-Mar-18 17:44:35

Hugh Fernley Whittingstall did a homemade version on one of his programmes. It was a nest of noodles then some veg/whatever on top, some stock powder and then boiling water then left to sit, covered, for 4 minutes.

I guess it depends on the ages of your boys....are they okay to use a kettle?

Tigerpit Mon 05-Mar-18 17:45:21

Hope this link works

whataboutbob Mon 05-Mar-18 18:31:44

The recipe looks lovely tiger. If they don’t like I darned well will! They are old enough for kettles (11 and 14).
Have some days off work this week so I’ll give it a go. Thanks for posting it.

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Tigerpit Tue 06-Mar-18 15:28:26

I didn't remember very well - it's 8 to 10 mins, not 4. I do mine in a pan as I work from home, and it's usually 4 minutes simmering time. I guess they could both cope with a pan on the hob too, at 11 and 14.

My favourite is shredded brussel sprouts and wholewheat noodles cooked in water with a bit of a chicken stock cube and then, once cooked, a handful of roughly chopped cashews and a splodge of sweet chilli sauce. Absolutely lush and a fav winter lunch. I'm sure two adventurous boys could soon come up with amazing options themselves!

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