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Braces and lunch box

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Betty1000 Sun 04-Mar-18 12:13:03

Hi all
Son has had brace fitted to top teeth and living on soup etc for a few days. Any suggestions for pasta in lunch instead of sandwiches (just for a while). he eats most stuff but not tuna. Could add corn or mince or flaked chicken I guess. He doesn't like mayo, though not a faddy eater and has a huge appetite. Also can I send savoury rice? will it gain bacteria if not in fridge etc? Could send tub of dairy rice I guess.

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 04-Mar-18 14:14:26

Savoury rice would be fine with an ice pack. So would chilli con carne, smoked salmon and Philadelphia risotto etc...I'd be more worried if it was the height of summer!
Couscous is fine for braces. I use the Ainsley Harriett sundried tomato one and add feta cheese to bump up the protein.
Slices of frittata/Spanish omelette would be manageable.
Cubes of cheese, breaded mozzarella sticks and fish sticks are also easy.
Yes for Muller Rice pudding, pots of custard etc...

Blondie1984 Sun 04-Mar-18 17:05:08

I quite often stir salsa or hummus through pasta instead of mayo. Do you think he would eat tinned salmon? That’s a good alternative to tuna - chickpeas, mozzarella, halloumi, Greek yoghurt are other good sources of protein

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