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Fun things to cook with a toddler, that aren’t sweet

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graysor Sat 03-Mar-18 20:22:47

I had a successful cheese biscuit ( basically pastry with cheese) making session today with dd 2.2. She surprised me by how well it kept her attention! So I’m after ideas for other thing we can cook together. Ideally savoury things, as she is a bit of a sugar demon, and I’d like her to enjoy cooking things that aren’t just biscuits or fairy cakes!

Any good suggestions?

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 03-Mar-18 20:23:43

Cheese scones

Little quiches in jam tart cases

Sausage rolls

QueenOfGaviscon Sat 03-Mar-18 20:24:05

Eggy muffins are a hit in our house smile

MsHippo Sat 03-Mar-18 20:24:29

Cheese scones are a good one. Or just normal plain bread: let her shape the dough into rolls. We used to love doing this with our mum, especially making little plaited rolls smile

PasstheStarmix Sat 03-Mar-18 20:25:54

Pasta making is fun

Bubblysqueak Sat 03-Mar-18 20:26:44

We've got the gruffalo cook book which has some great simple recipes all of which are healthy. So far we've made

Baked eggs (in the shape if a mouse's head with veg features)
Snakes log pile house (cucumber stuffed with cream cheese and chives)
Spinach and cheese muffins

Each recipe has a cute gruffalo inspired name and lovely illustrations. The recipes are child friendly and really easy to follow.

Thierryhenryneedisaymore Sat 03-Mar-18 20:26:45

Pancakes but use homey instead of sugar ... not so bad wink
French toast

PasstheStarmix Sat 03-Mar-18 20:26:46

Oh and pizzas too, your little one could add the toppings

Fishcalledlola Sat 03-Mar-18 20:27:09

Pizza dough is good to roll and shape and choose toppings for. Mine like breaking eggs so they like pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday, the thick ones with a banana and blueberries blended together. In fact ds loves blending and is always up for a smoothie.

Eastend2015 Sat 03-Mar-18 20:28:51

Placemarking- DS is 20 months and loves getting involved in the kitchen.

Notsoaccidentproneanymore Sat 03-Mar-18 20:29:28

Jamie Oliver sweet potato muffins

UnaOfStormhold Sat 03-Mar-18 20:29:52 were very popular - in fact it's a great website, would recommend lots of stuff on there, particularly the savoury or reduced sugar muffins.

NannyR Sat 03-Mar-18 20:30:00

Things like cheese straws or savoury puff pastry pin wheels.
Bread or pizza involves lots of kneading. You can roll the dough into breadsticks too.
I recently made pretzels with some older children, they went down well but they were quite fiddly.
Get her involved in cooking meals with you, soft things like mushrooms and olives can be chopped with a table knife.
Making fruit smoothies, let her choose the fruit combinations, you could also freeze the smoothie to make ice follies.

MamaBear7a Sat 03-Mar-18 20:32:30

Savoury flapjack and cheesy muffins are popular here

imsorryiasked Sat 03-Mar-18 20:32:40

Sweetcorn fritters were a hit here.

ScienceIsTruth Sat 03-Mar-18 20:32:50

●Hedgehog bread (or as rolls).

●Savoury bacon and cheese breakfast muffins.

●'Breakfast tots', which are slices of bacon layered in muffin/cake tin (to act like a case) then out wanted, add fried cherry tomatoes halves and fried, diced onion/mushroom, then add beaten egg to it to fill it up and bake in the oven til cooked (around 10-15 mins ~ @170°C fan).

Keepingupwiththejonesys Sat 03-Mar-18 20:44:06

We make pitta bread pizzas around twice a month here.

graysor Sat 03-Mar-18 20:46:37

Some great ideas, thanks!

We’ve done pancakes before, which go down well.

Scones are definitely a goer, and I’m intrigued by doing some fritters of some kind. Must add yeast to the shopping list so we can do breads and pizza.

Thanks, keep em coming!

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ScienceIsTruth Sat 03-Mar-18 20:49:08

*if, not out.

We use scissors to snip the 'spines' for the hedgehog bread and use pumpkin seeds for eyes and nose (could also use raisins).

BrieAndChilli Sat 03-Mar-18 20:49:36

We have the Katie I can cook book which is good for little ones as all the instructions and methods are child friendly eg you snip herbs in a glass with scissors instead of chopping them with a knife

BrieAndChilli Sat 03-Mar-18 20:50:42

Pizza is a good one - kneading the dough, rolling it out and then making pizza faces with the topping’

AdaColeman Sat 03-Mar-18 20:55:25

Courgette fritters.

Potato gnocchi.

PasstheStarmix Sat 03-Mar-18 20:58:42

Tuna and sweetcorn fritters are yummy...

Muddlingalongalone Sat 03-Mar-18 21:03:14

Some great ideas here.
I like to just include them in normal meals too. Scrambled eggs is their favourite but also chopping veg (from close to 3 onwards), washing veg, measuring stuff out etc.

Pettynotvindictive Sat 03-Mar-18 21:03:51

Making tomato sauce for the pizza?
Mine were squishing the tinned tomatoes with their hands and sprinkling herbs etc from that age.
My ds used to say they were eyeballs...

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