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Help, how long will my cake last?

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Vikingcake Fri 02-Mar-18 16:09:46

Help please, all advise welcome. I made the sponges 2 days before covering in buttercream and fondant icing. I've spent many hours making the decoration pieces (and a lot of money) for a mermaid theme cake for my daughters party tomorrow so the sponge will be 4 days old by then. Now, the venue has cancelled and postponed it until next week! Will it last until then now it's covered or have I got to start all over? sad

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WhyBeDennyDifferent Fri 02-Mar-18 16:12:04

It might be a bit dry by then!
Do you think the decorations will last? You could store them and then just make another cake?

NannyR Fri 02-Mar-18 16:14:03

The icing will be fine but the cake might be a bit dry. I'd use it as the "blowing out candles/photograph" cake and buy one of those cheap supermarket party cakes (rectangle with smarties on it) to cut up and eat or put in party bags.

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