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James Martin’s American Adventure recipes

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lind01 Fri 02-Mar-18 15:27:05

Anyone watching James Martin’s American Adventure? I have been following it all week to see the places he goes to and the food the Americans like to eat. No surprise that a lot of it are fried foods but today I have been impressed with a couple of James Martin's
recipes: apple and fennel pork ribs with BBQ sauce and fillet steak pockets stuffed with oysters.

However, I think these are more Chinese and British dishes rather than American so I am still not sure what American cuisine is all about apart from fried food.

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alexjr Thu 08-Mar-18 15:03:44

I watched today's episode and as far as I can tell all his recipes were American. James Martin's funnel cake with blueberry and gin compote, and also his Philly cheese steak with tomatoes are typical of American cuisine. I when on to the site you listed and found a whole list of his American foods there.

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