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Help Please! Meal Ideas needed!

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TheBigFish Sat 03-Mar-18 10:18:16

Thanks for the ideas. Will definitely get trying!

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kateandme Fri 02-Mar-18 03:25:15

with mince try mixig it up a bit.shepahrd pie
they like French bread how about using it as a topping instead of pastry for your mince or other things.
if they like wraps what about fajitas.
or enchiladas you could do this with chicken or mince.
cut a French stick I nhalf and use like pizza bases
don't give up on tryigvaritations on things that have failed.
what about a korma is mild and creamier. you could serve with pasta or rice.
take any flavours they show interest in and adapt out into other recipes.
could you ask them to pick a recipe book to buy or borrow from library then make them feel important and grown up by picking a new and eciting recipes for the family to try this week.
would adapting the beans into a casserole type dish with other things in it like letnal or mixed beans workwith then eggs on top at last moment of cooking
adapting something like this
u could serve them with crumpets or French bread even

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 01-Mar-18 13:47:13

I think when there are dishes that were once eaten but then refused you are safe to continue presenting them and not offer an alternative.
I know you said eggs aren’t popular but can you try fritata. It’s not got the usual egg texture.
I’d also try fishcakes. If they will eat crumpets and wraps try using them as pizza bases. Quaesidilla may be another possibility.

TheBigFish Thu 01-Mar-18 06:04:46

Thanks for the replies. Dd is great with veg, I do usually put a small bit of veg she is having on ds' plate but I am always met with "yuck". Will keep doing it though. We try and have different meals together as a family at weekends, weeknights are tricky to all eat together.

I blend veg in with Bolognese sauce and have done lentils in curry too. Ds will eat curry, dd always did and I haven't changed it but suddenly she doesn't like my 'curry with melted tomatoes'. She will eat nursery's curry though, which is apparently from a jar so I will try and find one without too much rubbish in it.

Pies are a good idea. I will try that. And hotpot type thing. Have tried risotto in the past without success but will try again. Was also going to try a lamb kofta type thing with pitta or wraps. Did try a mango chicken wrap thing with rice last week (chicken thighs marinated in mango chutney, mayo and mild spices). Thought it would be a hit as it was all a build-your-own type thing and quite sweet but was roundly refused by both.

Both love crumpets. Ds would eat crumpets, egg and beans every day and same with dd for cheese and cucumber wraps, she also loves stir fry with chicken and veg but ds won't touch the veg and often now is refusing the chicken. Dd won't really eat eggs. So there are things they will eat but I want to widen what they will eat. I try and do one new meal a week. They also eat better at nursery (3 days a week) but often refuse the meals I then replicate at home.

Dh says to relax but I'm worried we'll end up with nothing to give them. I do often do separate meals which I think isn't a great habit to get into but I want them to eat! I feel like food is becoming a major issue and I don't want that.

Both will eat crumpets and wraps, and French bread. A lot of bread is tricky for ds though as so much contains soya. He is under dietician for allergies and she wants him to eat more fish, but he refuses fish pie and has started refusing even fishfingers. Sometimes will eat salmon mixed into pasta but dd won't.

Sorry for the essay just wanted to answer any questions and give as much detail as possible. Thanks everyone!

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kateandme Thu 01-Mar-18 04:32:37

couly you try ham pie.or chicken and bacon.
what about lasagne.
or a pasta bake using ham
or mizing the mince through some pasta for a baked dish
for chip could u cook them the same but use different cut so they look like could then serve them with different things.or top your bolognas mince with cubed chips so its like a pi hot pot type thing.
could you have the mince in wraps.
rice on epot
keep serving veg with your own...and put some on their plates.eventaully mine picked at it when they were just there all the there are many she loves.
ask them to choose veg in supermakrt.make it theire choice

Ylvamoon Thu 01-Mar-18 00:18:31

Would they eat any type of pasta bake or soup? (Minus the allergy triggers).
Move away from conventional dinners and have a look at vegan options? You can always supplement with chicken or pork ...
Whatever you decide to do, it has to be gradual and is best to involve whole family. And remember, they can day no to dinner- just make clear that there is nothing else.

thecatfromjapan Thu 01-Mar-18 00:16:37

Lasagne, soup, (very mild) curry, risotto (as previous poster suggested)?

Have you tried putting an array of veg, raw and cooked, in a bowl for them to help themselves - especially when friends are around - in the hope that ds might try a few (peer pressure)?

Not eating vegetables is a major pain in the arse. Are there really none he'll eat?

Blondie1984 Thu 01-Mar-18 00:09:40

Do you think they would eat risotto? Or other rice based dishes?

When you make the bolognaise you could try adding some steamed, blended veg to the sauce to get some extra nutrients in - and swap some of the mince for lentils or Quorn mince which is soya free

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 28-Feb-18 22:54:22

Are eggs out? If they eat gammon how about bacon?
Breads in any different guises? I think we need more info!
What do they actually eat? Are you continuing to present meals you know they dislike elements of or do you make each something different.

TheBigFish Wed 28-Feb-18 18:07:55

Dc between them are driving me crazy over food. I am starting to find mealtimes extremely stressful as I never know what to give them.

Ds, nearly 2, is allergic to milk, soya and beef. Dd 4 is allergic to peanuts and cashews. Ds refuses to eat any vegetables in recognisable form and will only eat potato as chips. Dd will not eat any form of potato at all.

One or both or of them will not eat the following: roast dinners, stir fry, chicken Kiev, sausages, chicken curry, fish fingers, pizza.

Between what they can't have and what they won't eat I am at a complete loss as to what to feed them. Literally the only meal they will both eat is Bolognese made with lamb mince. Oh and gammon. But I have to do chips for ds and pasta for ddhmm.So please give me any ideas you may have!

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