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Mince, mince and more mince.

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WhyBeDennyDifferent Wed 28-Feb-18 17:34:47

Just been going through my freezer and realised we have an awful lot of mince to get through. Already have lasagne batch cooked and don’t fancy anything similar. What else could I do with it? I’m lacking inspiration.

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Taffeta Wed 28-Feb-18 17:40:39

Cottage pie
Flatbreads with spicy mince and zaatar etc
Stir fry with green beans soy etc
Jamie’s messy meatballs

bluechameleon Wed 28-Feb-18 17:43:09

Keema curry

Plumsofwrath Wed 28-Feb-18 17:49:01

Chile con carne

Blondie1984 Thu 01-Mar-18 00:12:40

Stuffed peppers with spicy mince

averylongtimeago Thu 01-Mar-18 00:24:16

Meat loaf. You can make it spicy or not, add a layer of cheese or veg in the middle for variety.
Makes a nice change from what DH calls " bowl dinners" made with mince.

whatareyoueatingNOW Thu 01-Mar-18 09:18:18

Thai beef larb

Mine beef and onion pie

Mince beef cobbler with rosemary scones




Meatballs in gravy with mash or in tomato sauce and pasta

Cajun dirty rice

Keema curry

Potato and mince hash

Cottage pie

Savoury mince and dumplings

Steamed suet mince and onion pudding

these pinwheels are nice

Argeles Thu 01-Mar-18 09:28:43

Moroccan tagine kefta (Rick Stein has a good recipe).

Anda kofta.

Keema paratha.

Lebanese mince and bulgur wheat.


Chappli kebabs.

Keema curry.

melmax123 Thu 01-Mar-18 09:33:02

Scotch eggs
Big family sized sausage roll
Beef and chesse patties

cdtaylornats Thu 01-Mar-18 14:40:43
5-spice beef & sugarsnap noodles
Teviotdale Pie

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