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Macaroni cheese recipe olease

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Singadream Mon 19-Feb-18 17:49:23

Dd just rejected mine which was the first time I ever made it but I thought it tasted nice. Thanks

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Lisette40 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:51:54

Waiting with you OP. Mine has never passed muster with ds, although he lets me down gently.

MaMisled Mon 19-Feb-18 17:53:18

I put grated onion and half a teaspoon of English mustard, salt and pepper in my cheese sauce if that's helpful. Some single cream makes it even better!

Grumpbum Mon 19-Feb-18 17:54:27

More cheese than you think you need and a bit of mustard in the sauce

BrownTurkey Mon 19-Feb-18 17:56:21

I put around a pint of milk in a saucepan with two tablespoons of flour, a teaspoon of mustard powder, and 3 handfuls of grated cheese, then whisk with a balloon whisk over heat until thickens, pour over part cooked macaroni and bake in the oven with extra cheese on top for 20 to 30 minutes. Amounts might not be exact, but it has gone down well over the years, with other parents asking me the recipe when their dc have been for tea. Which is unlike most of my food.

Ihatebuildabear Mon 19-Feb-18 17:57:29

Half teaspoon dijon mustard gives it an extra zing.

MrsPear Mon 19-Feb-18 17:58:04

I make the Delia Smith all in one cheese sauce and then stir in cooked pasta of choice - it is on bbc website.

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely Mon 19-Feb-18 17:59:35

Put in more cheese than you think you need. Also make sure you cook the white sauce fully before adding cheese or it will taste floury (unless you're putting it in the oven but I'm too lazy for that).

I also add Dijon mustard.

NickMyLipple Mon 19-Feb-18 18:01:19

I always put fresh breadcrumbs in, along with mustard and nutmeg.

Nyetimber Mon 19-Feb-18 18:02:14

MY best recipe- with approximate amounts as I do it on autopilot now.

Boil pasta until firm al dente. I use penne rather than macaroni. Drain.
Grate cheese - whatever is in fridge. Two decent handfuls is about right.
Melt a knob of butter in a saucepan. Pass a decent tablespoon of cornflour. Cook to a roux.
Gradually beat in a pint of full fat milk, a little at a time as you’re heating it. When about half the milk is in pop in a teaspoon of Dijon or English mustard. Also grate in some fresh nutmeg or ground mace.
Add rest of milk and simmer until thickened. Take off heat and stir in half the cheese. Add an amount of Parmesan (about two tablespoons).
Stir sauce into pasta. Pop into a ceramic baking dish. Top with the remaining grated cheese and snipped streaky bacon or sliced tomatoes. You can mix some breadcrumbs with topping cheese for a crispier top.
Put dish into Aga/Oven for however long - about 45 minutes usually but until bacon is crispy.

Whatisthewhatisthewhat Mon 19-Feb-18 18:03:42

Highly recommend the nigella sweet potato one

MaverickSnoopy Mon 19-Feb-18 18:07:45

Cook macaroni and drain

Add 1 tbsp of butter into the macaroni and melt. Once melted add in 1 heaped tbsp of flour until thick. Add is some milk and mix. Keep adding milk until you have the right quanity and thickness. Then add in LOADS of cheese (probably about 75g) and mix in with salt and pepper.

I love this method because there is no faffing with two pans and lumps in the mixture and once the macaroni is cooked, the mixture is so fast to make and it takes just the same.

Wilhamenawonka Mon 19-Feb-18 18:10:48

If you Google Sunny Anderson's macaroni cheese it's easily the best I've ever had.

redfairy Mon 19-Feb-18 18:10:56

I cook chopped bacon bits (or lardons) and small broccoli florets to pimp my regular macaroni cheese.

bumblingbovine49 Mon 19-Feb-18 18:12:19

For 4

500g of butternut squash (peeled, cut up into chunks and roasted in the oven with some sage,tiny bit of garlic and some oil for about 20 mins until soft). I usually do this beforehand, it will keep in the fridge overnight etc

Put about 300g of macaroni pasta on to cook in salted boiling water

For the sauce
Melt 40g butter and add 40g of flour.
Mix to a paste on a low heat with a hand whisk. Make sure all of the flour is mixed into the butter. Then add 600ml of milk and heat up on a fairly low heat.
Use a hand whisk while it is heating up and keep whisking every now and then. Eventually you will get a thickened white sauce. Add most of 175g of grated cheddar (keep a bit back for the topping). Take off the heat

When the pasta is cooked, drain and mix it with the cheese sauce and also with the cooked butternut squash pieces. Do this quickly.
Don't let the pasta get cold and sticky.

Then pour it all into an oven dish and sprinkle the leftover grated cheese on the top.

Put under the grill for 5- 10 minutes until the cheese on the top has melted and it is all bubbling

This is DS's favourite meal of all time. I only make it every 4-5 weeks as it is pretty calorific and he always eats about 3 plates of it grin

bumblingbovine49 Mon 19-Feb-18 18:13:51

Opps forgot you need to grate nutmeg into the white sauce - just a bit

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Mon 19-Feb-18 18:13:54

Make a white sauce with 1 pint milk, 50 g each butter and flour, add a good tsp of made English mustard, salt and pepper.
Add PLENTY of good, mature grated Cheddar - at least 150 g and more is better! If macaroni cheese is disappointing it's nearly always because there's not enough cheese or the cheese is that crappy mild stuff.

I allow at least 150 g macaroni per head, would cook at least 300 g for this amount of sauce.
After mixing it's even nicer if you sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs (half a slice in the liquidiser if you have one) and a bit more grated cheese, and whack it under the grill for a few minutes.
I also do this with added cauliflower cooked al dente - it's a favourite of Dh's.

DrRanjsRightEyebrow Mon 19-Feb-18 18:16:19

Ds likes this one

TellsEveryoneRealFacts Mon 19-Feb-18 18:28:05

Cheese sauce made with flour, mustard powder, full fat milk, a really mature cheddar, and pepper. Poured over. Sliced tomatoes over the top. A few splashes of Tabasco. More cheese. Into the oven for 20 mins.

LUSH. It doesn't have to be macaroni either.

Singadream Mon 19-Feb-18 19:58:01

Thank you. Am ready to try again with some of these ideas

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 19-Feb-18 20:04:02

Jar or tub of cheese sauce
Tortilla chips (Doritos chilli heatwave)
Grated cheese


Cook macaroni & heat cheese sauce
While macaroni cooking crush some tortillas and mix with grated cheese
Mix cooked macaroni with cheese sauce
Sprinkle cheese / tortilla tipping over top
Whack under grill until cheese bubbles


DailyMailDontStealMyThread Mon 19-Feb-18 23:04:09

Some of these sound lovely.

I normally make the cheese sauce and cook in the oven so I’m liking the non oven recipes.

kateandme Tue 20-Feb-18 02:40:30

cornflour melted butter.paste.milk.stir.more milk.stir.loads....add literally block of cheese salt and pepper.taste.
then mix through cooked to al dente pasta.leaving a bit to dollop ontop so you get those lovely pools of saucie bits.
pour into dish.
sprinkle with grated cheese
baked for 30 or until bubbling and golden.
this also needs to be a whole casserole dish so you can have leftovers for lunch
works great wth layer of salmon fillets on bottom.
and also when you stir through bolognase mince.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 22-Feb-18 19:09:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Singadream Fri 23-Feb-18 12:54:28

I love this and now cannot wait to make it

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