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What veg do you have with your meals? Stuck in a rut.

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Monr0e Sun 18-Feb-18 11:00:25

I have 2 dc's, one who will try anything and one who won't. And a DH who thinks he's allergic to vegetables hmm

Every meal ends up with the same sides, sweet corn, broccoli and sometimes carrots. I'm fed up with the same thing over and over again so looking for inspiration.

What sides would you do with a roast? How can I get more variety into our meals? Thank you

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BrutusMcDogface Sun 18-Feb-18 11:01:40

Roast parsnips, cauliflower cheese?

whothefuckhas5children Sun 18-Feb-18 11:04:16

Love cauliflower - with or without the sauce shock
Try adding some ginger butter to cabbage
Roasting butternut squash with cumin seeds
Roasting parsnips with some Parmesan
We do Delia Smiths roasted Mediterranean veg with cous cous and harissa sauce

whothefuckhas5children Sun 18-Feb-18 11:04:59

Wilted spinach with ginger butter is also lovely.

FeedtheTree Sun 18-Feb-18 11:07:14

If they'll eat broccoli, try Romanesco - the bright green cauliflower in dinosaur spike florets. It's not always in season but it's really delicious. Milder than broccoli.
If they'll eat peas, try mange tout and sugar snaps.
If they eat carrots, chop butternut squash into small cubes and roast with a bit of butter, honey and thyme. That goes well with a roast.
Finely shredded red cabbage baked in the oven with finely sliced onion or shallot and apple, and a hint of spice, Just give them a teaspoonful of it.
Steam some asparagus spears just for you and let them try one if they want.
Make your own burgers and stir into them very finely minced or pureed red peppers, mushrooms, spinach and onions. Puree courgettes and peppers, mushrooms and onions into tomato suace for pasta, pizza toppings and chilli beef sauce.
It's a slow process. Took us forever to get them to try new veg but they got there in the end.

HarrietKettle Sun 18-Feb-18 11:07:23

Creamy leeks- just lightly steam or boil them, then stir through some creme fraiche, Parmesan and tarragon and pepper. Really nice with roast chicken.

Sweet potato mash, or parsnip mash.

FeedtheTree Sun 18-Feb-18 11:08:02

whothe - wilted spinach with ginger butter sounds delicious. Never thought of doing that with spinach. Going to try it this week. Do you grate the ginger? Or use dried?

KalaLaka Sun 18-Feb-18 11:12:07

Watching with interest! We are also in a veg rut.

Fekko Sun 18-Feb-18 11:13:32

Mashed carrot and turnips. French beans, mini corn, veggie kebabs.

whothefuckhas5children Sun 18-Feb-18 11:14:10

feed grated fresh ginger.

Also love Indian dishes. Matar paneer is fabulous. Omit the chilli or only use a pinch if you don't like spicey food.

FlexTimeCheekyFucker Sun 18-Feb-18 11:15:16

Roast celeriac. Whizz cauliflower in the processor and fry with a little olive oil until nutty.

ReinettePompadour Sun 18-Feb-18 11:15:33

With a roast dinner I serve
Carrots (boiled or raw depending on the child)
Sweet corn (loose and on the cob again depending on the child)
Peas/mange tout
Cabbage ( I like red braised with butter, onions, dijon mustard and chestnuts if I've got them)
Roast parsnips
Roast carrots
Sweet potatoes

KalaLaka Sun 18-Feb-18 11:15:50

Agree with muttar paneer, that's a whole meal for us, love it! Bhurta is also delicious

Monr0e Sun 18-Feb-18 11:42:42

Some great ideas, thank you

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RoryAndLogan Sun 18-Feb-18 11:43:37

Buttery Savoy cabbage, maybe with bacon.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Sun 18-Feb-18 11:49:34

Roast cauliflower is lovely and our preferred way of having it now. Very hot oven. Put florets in a good solid metal roasting tin or baking tray (with a rim) arranged in a single layer, pour over a bit of oil, sprinkle over some salt, pepper, paprika (ordinary or smoked or a mix), ground cumin or cumin seeds. Could also use some ground coriander and/or garlic. Mix well. Needs about 30 minutes.

Can be mixed with onions and diced potatoes too. At the end you could mix in some baby spinach leaves which will wilt in seconds on contact with the hot veg. A good squeeze of lemon juice before serving is lovely too.

whothefuckhas5children Sun 18-Feb-18 14:28:09

gas was going to do cauliflower with white sauce but did the roasted instead. Thanks for the idea.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Sun 18-Feb-18 15:08:37

Hope it went well! You need to check it's cooked through as it's better without too much bite left in it, for my taste anyway.

Apparently some people do broccoli like that too but I prefer that steamed or very lightly boiled and I do like a bit of bite in my broccoli.

I bought some frozen brussels sprouts last year, can't remember why now, but I found a recipe for roasting those and tried it recently just to get them used up. It was OK. I think in future I would stick to fresh ones, though, and boil/steam them.

GoAndAskDaddy Sun 18-Feb-18 21:01:53

Frozen peas....especially the petit pois ones. They are frozen really quickly after harvesting and taste really fresh.

givemushypeasachance Tue 20-Feb-18 15:09:15

Roasting veg is definitely the way to go to make it taste sweeter and more interesting. I love Mediterranean roast veg, roasted cauliflower, roasted sweet potato and butternut squash, carrots and parsnips, it's all lush. Just peel and chop up whatever veg then chuck in a tray with some oil, salt, pepper and whatever herbs or seasoning you want. Roast till delicious.

Mashed swede and carrot is also far beyond the sum of its parts, lovely with a roast.

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