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Does anyone have an intolerance to .

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mrssunshinexxx Thu 15-Feb-18 08:34:41

Oil? Or is that ridiculous ? I am trying to hard to put my fingers on what gives me awful tummy cramps and bloating for actual days on end .. had gammon at my mums on Sunday night with home made chips obviously cooked in oil and pains started almost immediately then I had fish and chips last night and again v painful quite quickly... indont eat much bread and never white bread

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Minestheoneinthegreen Thu 15-Feb-18 12:20:06

I'd have a similar reaction and it would be due to potato for me.

mrssunshinexxx Thu 15-Feb-18 13:13:43

Hmm I think I'm okay with potatoes

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Klobuchar Thu 15-Feb-18 13:15:49

Was it the same sort of oil? Otherwise no, I don’t think you have an intolerance to oil. Are these the only two instances of it happening?

JaneJeffer Thu 15-Feb-18 13:20:18

I find rapeseed oil doesn't agree with me. Do you know what oil it was?

mrssunshinexxx Thu 15-Feb-18 13:34:04

Whatever they use in the fish and chip shop ? Mums will of been sunflower oil I imagine

No it happens on and off but these 2 occasions have happened close together and stuck out so I thought I may of cracked what it was

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Mummy2one2016 Thu 15-Feb-18 13:45:38

We are currently under investigation with a dietican for my little boy due to varies reactions to food.

At the moment only thing we can pin point is on each occasion he has come out in hive type reaction we have been out and food has been fried in oil.

We are trying to get to the bottom of which type of oil it is. It is also possible according to dietician that it's not the actual oil but how the oil compounds break down and reform each time the oil is cold and 'reheated that could cause a reaction.

Sorry that might not be much help but it is possible to have an allergy to oil.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 15-Feb-18 13:57:38

Are you ok with other high fat things?

Crispbutty Thu 15-Feb-18 13:58:57

I have a friend who is exactly the same when she eats something fried in certain oils.

mrssunshinexxx Thu 15-Feb-18 14:51:37

Mummy2 that's really helpful I'm going to start a food diary x

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woollyjumperseason Thu 15-Feb-18 15:02:48

my daughter has an intolerance to rapeseed oil, along with other things.we found out as it was in oat milk and she came out in hives but also made her eczema worse. its a hard oil to avoid as it is cheap, almost all processed foods use it on its own or with others. If it states vegetable oil on the label there will probably be rapeseed in it. most crisps are sunflower oil, most takeaways and restaurants use vegetable oil.

A food diary is a good idea things that are fried like chips will obviously have a stronger reaction than hummous with a wee bit of oil in it.

Mummy2one2016 Thu 15-Feb-18 15:04:08

We found food diary helpful when trying to pin point the cause. Hope you get to the bottom of it all.

happysunr1se Fri 16-Feb-18 14:49:41

Yes, if I eat very oily food I will quite often within half an hour have an upset stomach, trapped wind, lots of burping and then flatulence and diarrhorea. My mum is the same.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 16-Feb-18 21:17:09

I can’t really tolerate Rapeseed Oil. Stupidly we moved to an area that is surrounded by huge fields of it so spend most of June gasping for breath.

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