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Quick question re: Jamie Everyday Super Food book

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mommybunny Wed 14-Feb-18 13:58:28

Does the hardcover book for the UK contain information about how many portions of fruit and veg each serving contains? I've tried looking at the "peek inside" on Amazon and it only seems to be showing the Kindle version for the UK (which has the F/V info) and the hardcover version for the US (which doesn't). Prices are all over the place for some reason. I've found from one search a price of £12.00 with Prime delivery but from another one (also Amazon) it's £13.29 without Prime, and potentially used.

The Superfood Family Classics book has that information, and it's brilliant for meal planning - was just wondering if the Everyday one does too.


everythingstaken123 Wed 14-Feb-18 18:55:10

At the bottom of every page is a list that contains: Calories / Fat / Sat Fat / Protein / Carbs / Sugar / Fibre. It doesn't give a table of how many fruit and veg portions it contains in relation to your 5 a day.

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