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Gluten free veggie freezer meals? Cooking for a family member

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CaptainWarbeck Wed 14-Feb-18 11:35:13

Ideas please - I've promised to make some meals for a relative who's having surgery and needs some meals she can just pull out of her freezer and eat while recovering.

Problem is, she's gluten free, and I'm veggie. What can I make her?

All I've got so far is veggie curry with rice. Rice should freeze okay, right? In a tub with half curry half rice?

Any other suggestions please fire them this way. I've promised to give her the tubs on Saturday!

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FakeMews Wed 14-Feb-18 11:45:03

Gluten free and veggie hmm.

Yes rice freezes fine. Rinse through cooked rice with cold water and freeze in bags. To reheat pour over boiling water and zap in microwave.
My rule for microwaving home made dishes such as chilli or curry from frozen in single portions is 9 minutes on full or freezer to oven 40 minutes @175C

Veg chilli made with soya mince. Goes with rice or jacket potato. I think you can freeze a jacket potato but not sure - you can buy them frozen so it must be possible.
Butternut squash sate - basic casserole type dish with peanut butter and chilli sauce. Again with rice.

If you buy GF pasta it expands the possibilities but is disgusting. Lasangne, bolognese etc.

Bestbees Wed 14-Feb-18 11:45:47

Chili and wedges
Roasted veg with pulses
Vege burgers
Vege burritos with gluten free wraps
Lentil ragu and a packet of gf pasta

ShowMeTheElf Wed 14-Feb-18 11:49:53

Veggie Moussaka:, lentil cottage pie, chilli and rice.
Any baked pasta dish like lasagne or cannelloni can be made satisfactorily with pancakes made with gluten free flour.
curry, onion bhajis, gram flour flatbreads (no idea if the flatbreads will freeze though.

CaptainWarbeck Wed 14-Feb-18 12:31:45

Brilliant, just what I needed.

Chilli, risotto, cannelloni all great ideas.

If I do her a bag of spinach and ricotta gnocchi, should I cook before freezing?

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